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October 18, 2010

You CAN Take It With You: Self Magazine’s Tear-Out Cards

self_tearoutcards.jpgWhen I find a great workout in one of my favorite health and fitness magazines, it’s not always easy to pack the whole issue into my gym bag for future use. Carrying six months’ worth of magazines from the car to the gym would be quite a workout itself!

Thankfully, Self magazine knows that sometimes we want to take a great workout with us–whether it’s to the gym, the park or even just our living room–so their tear-out cards are always a big hit with me.

If you haven’t seen them lately, here’s what you’ve been missing the last few months:

  • October: Love Your Lower Body. From your abs to your calves and everywhere in between, these six exercise moves will firm and sculpt.

  • September: Lose 8 Pounds. September’s issue featured two tear-out pages: One with moves for losing eight pounds at home; a second featuring a gym workout for blasting those eight pounds. With one set for home and one set for the gym, there are no excuses for not putting these moves to work!
  • August: Sizzle off the Jiggle. Olympic gold-medalist Misty May-Treanor illustrates 12 different high-energy moves that will blast calories away.
  • July: Sweat With Your Pet. If you’ve got a dog, a toy or ball, and a little bit of space, this playtime with Fluffy won’t feel like a workout at all. From your chest to your abs to your legs, these six moves promise an all-over workout for both of you.

If your workouts get a little monotonous and it’s time for a change, these pages are all perforated and can be further torn into individual moves. Drop them all in your gym page, pull out a few and work out from there. You could have a different workout every day for months!

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