Work in Progress: Homemade Peanut Butter Cups Fall Short of Reese’s Gold Standard, For Now

peanutbuttercups_october2010.jpgMy unabashed love for chocolate and peanut butter was tentatively intensified when I saw a recipe for homemade peanut butter cups in a spread titled “Treat Yourself” in Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine‘s October 2010 issue.

The biggest question: How would it stack up to my Reese’s gold standard? And, for research’s sake, I did refresh my memory on just how high that bar is set. I had high hopes for a somewhat scientific side-by-side comparison, but let’s just say that, in my apartment, Reese’s have nearly as short a life span as any sort of bug I might come across.

Any entry from the do-it-yourself Halloween candy (re)creations–Chocolate-Covered Coconut Bars, Whole Fruit Gems and Chewy-Centered Lollipops–is certainly appropriate for your own little ghosts and goblins or just because. But my chocolate-and-peanut-butter obsession made it imperative that I go for the Peanut Butter Cups.

Though they (or any of the recipes) may seem time-consuming, the peanut butter cups came together quite easily. Melted chocolate is placed in cupcake liners, then refrigerated until set. Butter, peanut butter and honey are mixed to fill the chocolate cups. Refrigerate again, and top with more chocolate.

As my homemade confection took shape, I couldn’t resist a little taste of the peanut butter filling. The verdict? Well, it’s just not Reese’s. The honey was overwhelming, but not overly sweet. The recipe called for natural peanut butter, but the Jif in my pantry had to suffice. Who knew it wasn’t natural?

In the final product, the bottom of my chocolate “cup” was too thick, which could have been forgiven had the peanut butter middle approached my high standards of taste. But I wouldn’t say the experiment was a failure. Perhaps merely a first attempt at what I hope will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship–at least where my taste buds, but probably not my waistline, is concerned.

Until then, I suppose I’ll have to keep turning to the Reese’s to keep the end result of my homemade goal in mind.

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