Women’s Health Magazine Examines Tech Hazards, Convenience Foods, Fitness

womenshealth_november2010.jpgA red magazine cover always wants to make me dive right in. I know that’s probably exactly what the designers hoped would happen when they put a red title and red and yellow accents around Lauren Conrad in a red dress on the November issue of Women’s Health magazine.

Red is an energizing color that stimulates appetite and passion. I know the designers’ tricks. And they certainly worked on me with this issue.

When I read Women’s Health, sometimes I hunt down the content based on the cover blurbs, and other times I just open the cover up and take it a page at a time. This time, as I turned and examined each page, here’s what jumped out at me.

  • If you’re like me, you’re never without a cell phone, laptop and MP3 player within arm’s reach. “Is Your Health on the Line?” details new studies about such gadgets and the potential risks of constant use to our health. This article makes me want to leave the kitchen when the microwave is on.

  • Although we’d all like to be able to walk out back to the garden and pick fresh vegetables every day, that’s not always possible. “125 Best Packaged Foods” offers up the best of convenience foods, from breads to frozen meals to drinks. This is the type of article that makes me feel empowered as I write out my weekly grocery-shopping list.
  • So, you have flat abs and toned triceps. But “How Fit Are You Really?” This feature illustrates several self-tests to check your agility, endurance, flexibility and much more. The results of these quick tests give a great starting point for moving forward with our fitness goals.