Womans Day magazine October 17 2011

Woman’s Day Candy Corn Fudge Makes Sweet Use of Leftover Halloween Treats

Womans Day magazine October 17 2011

Womans Day magazine, October 17, 2011 issue

Still in a sugar coma post-Halloween? Considering an overwhelming majority of parents admitted to swiping some of their kids’ sweets, it’s very likely.

So what can you do to eliminate those tempting chocolates and candies before you get tired of them? It could be just as simple as a little reinvention, according to Woman’s Day magazine’s Oct. 17, 2011, issue, which offered up four tricks for turning Halloween candies into new treats.

The “Tricks for Treats” article included instructions for Candy Corn Fudge, Snickers Blondies, Peppermint Meringues and Nerd Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Of the four, the oddest combination was the Candy Corn Fudge. Aside from the obvious–the candy corn–the recipe calls for pretzel pieces and dried cherries mixed into a white chocolate-cream cheese-confectioners’ sugar mixture that’s sweet enough to give you a cavity.

After sneaking several tastes of the fudge, I was already having visions of elevated sugar levels. But once I sampled the final product, the end result wasn’t so offensively sweet, thanks to the saltiness of the pretzels and the tartness of the dried cherries.

The recipe couldn’t be easier to make, as it only requires mixing cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar and melted white chocolate chips, then folding in dried cherries and pretzels. Once the mixture is poured into the pan, top with candy corn before it goes into the fridge to set.

The ingredients are enough to make an 8-inch-by-8-inch pan’s worth of fudge; as sweet as it is, that is more than plenty.

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