Why Jennifer Hudson Will Hit a High Note as Weight Watchers’ May/June Cover Girl

weight-watchers.jpgThe loveable, down-to-earth songstress and Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson isn’t the first to lend her star power to Weight Watchers and, thus, appear on the cover of the popular weight loss program’s magazine. But the warbling cover girl may just ring truest with readers, in part because of how she attained her fame.

In 2004, Jennifer Hudson belted her way into viewers’ hearts as a contestant on reality show sensation “American Idol.” That exposure helped propel her to success with a supporting role as Effie in the film Dreamgirls, an album and a reported role as Nelson Mandela’s wife in the upcoming film Winnie.

Not only does her story have a local-girl-makes-it-big feel, but her presence on a reality show makes her seem more accessible. Aside from her unmistakable talent and the serendipitous circumstances that led to her fame, Jennifer Hudson holds a deeper appeal, particularly for readers of Weight Watchers magazine and other similar publications.

Many women will identify with the new mom struggling to lose the post-baby bulge. Even as more females, some as young as fourth- and fifth-graders, fight to accept their body image, Weight Watchers magazine likely struck the right chord by celebrating a happy, healthy, curvaceous Jennifer Hudson on its cover.

Though American women claim to be dieting less, according to a weekly diet survey by the NPD Group, the trappings to get to a slimmer body–gym memberships and weight loss pills–continue to drive a multi-billion dollar industry.

While Weight Watchers magazine’s May/June issue may garner more attention than usual because of its featured star, it also promises a deeper appeal for readers who can relate to her struggles pound for pound. Sweeter still is the potential for this cover to illustrate to women that health and happiness can be achieved without being a size 2.

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