"The Color Orange" from Art Journaling magazine winter 2011-2012

Why I Fell in Love with The Color Orange

Art Journaling magazine Winter 2011-2012

Art Journaling Winter 2011-2012

Blogger Dana McCranie never particularly cared for the color orange–until an issue of Art Journaling magazine helped her see it through rose-colored glasses.

Generally, if you ask me what my least favorite color is, orange will probably be my first response. Orange and yellow have always landed low on my list of color choices for just about anything. I was born in the late ’70s when orange was everywhere and most commonly paired with dark brown.

Although those were good years in my memory, I have shunned orange ever since. It’s the most frequent color I push aside when making any project. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m a graduate of the University of Alabama and our rival, Auburn University, sports the colors orange and blue. I guess I’m just predisposed to love crimson.

The most recent issue of Art Journaling magazine may be changing my opinion about the color orange, however. There’s something about seeing a thing through the loving eyes of someone else that casts it in a whole new light. It’s the difference between visiting a city as a tourist all alone and staying in a city with someone who loves it. You get two totally different perspectives, and the latter often leaves you with more of an affection. This is the exact effect that artist Sandee Hyde had on me when I read her feature titled “The Color Orange.”

I was drawn to the article by the display of two pages from Hyde’s own art journal. The pages are vibrant, beautiful mixed-media works of art. They tell the story of an abnormal Electrocardiogram (EKG) test Hyde had and how it made her feel. In the description of her work, she mentions her love of orange and how she thinks she was born with an orange crayon in her hand.

This artist using this color to share her fears really touched me. She took the color orange, which in her eyes is one of the most beautiful we have access to, and harnessed it to display the depths of her fear. Rather than being a tourist bringing my own perceptions to what orange communicates, I got to be a guest, and I felt like I was seeing this color for the first time in many ways.

What a beautiful lesson about preconceptions I learned from this artist’s journal. I don’t know how I’ll put it to use, but thanks to Sandee Hyde I have a feeling my next project will include many shades of orange.

  • The Southern Institute

    I’m glad you had the chance to see orange in a new light… I love the color, personally!

  • Anonymous

    I do now. :) Isn’t it so funny how colors take on a personality like a person in our past? I feel like I’ve really just met orange for the first time. :)