Rolled Magazine Vase

Funky Pencil Holder: Whole Living Magazine Gets Recycled

rolled magazine vase 1Blogger Summer Huggins rips the latest issue of Whole Living to shreds and transforms it into a recycled pencil holder.

Before my January/February issue of Whole Living magazine even showed up in my mailbox, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. Sure, I’d give it a quick read, but then it would be time to tear it up!

I’ve always loved the feel of the paper used to print Whole Living. It feels substantial in my fingers as I turn the pages, thicker and comfortable to hold. That may be because it’s printed on paper containing 10 percent post-consumer waste.

I’ve become a bit addicted to Pinterest (along with fellow blogger Dana McCranie), making virtual bulletin boards with recipes I’d like to cook, cute faces of adorable animals and crafts that inspire me. A week or so ago, when I ran across a rolled magazine vase using strips of magazine pages, I knew that the Whole Living paper would be perfect for such a project. So, after reading about transforming wasted space in your home into cozy and creative nooks, as well as the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, I grabbed this issue and my scissors and got to work.

rolled magazine vase 2The craft’s creator, Mark Montano, made it look so easy, clearly illustrating and explaining the 10 steps from start to finish. The hardest part for me was rolling those crazy little straws out of paper. Maybe my thumbs are too chubby, but it just seemed to take me forever to get the hang of that. Once I did, though, I was on a roll (pun intended)!

Instead of the huge vase that Mark created, I decided to go smaller and make a pencil cup since this was my first try at this little project. It came together fairly quickly once I had all those straws rolled out. I did veer from his instructions just a bit, using a bamboo skewer to make my medallions instead of a pencil. I wanted a tighter, smaller circle.

The results: It’s not a bad little addition to my desk, if I do say so myself! One of my favorite magazines will live on by holding my pens and pencils for me. And that’s one less magazine in the recycling bin or (gasp!) the landfill.

  • Anonymous

    Summer, I love this! Awesome upcyling. I am totally going to try it.

  • Summer Huggins

    Let me know what you make, Dana!

  • Markmontanonyc

    I’m very proud of you. I think it looks absolutely AMAZING!