Remembering the Best of Whole Living Magazine on Our Blog

Whole Living Magazine January February 2013 IssueThe last printed issue of Whole Living magazine is in our hands, but we’re not letting go so easily. Here are some of the best features from the magazine on our blog.

Much too soon for fans of Whole Living magazine, the last issue recently arrived in our mailboxes. Sadly, the January/February 2013 edition will be the last printed, while the title will live on—like so many magazine closures do these days—online.

No mention was made in the last print issue of how the magazine will survive digitally, but the company has previously announced that it plans to develop a strong digital presence in online video.

While curling up with your iPad might not have the same ring as curling up with a magazine, we’re going to celebrate those good old printed days with a walk down memory lane on our blog. This is the best of the best of Whole Living that we’ve featured over the years. Enjoy!

DIY for the Average Jane: Whole Living Pumpkin Muffins: For a delicious taste of fall, try your hand at this good—and good for you—snack or breakfast. Here, we take you through it step by step.

Funky Pencil Holder: Whole Living Magazine Gets Recycled: Want to make sure your Whole Living magazine lives on? Tear it up and make this funky pencil holder to enjoy on your desk. It’s one of our most popular pins on Pinterest!

Reuse and Recyle…the Pages of Whole Living Magazine: Go green—literally—with the pages of Whole Living magazine. Need a bow to dress up a gift? No need to go to the store because you can make one yourself.

Soup’s On! Taste-Testing Whole Living’s Tomato Soup with Mozzarella Croutons: If there’s still a chill in the air where you are, a bowl of fresh tomato soup should do the trick to warm you up. Plus, January is National Soup Month, and this is a great recipe to celebrate with!