What a Cupcake Taught Me About Creative Variety

What a Cupcake Taught Me About Creative Variety

The Stampers' Sampler Feb/March 2012Cupcakes are popping up all over the place, and while the sweet treats are absolutely delectable, blogger Dana McCranie recently learned a lesson from some cupcake cards.

The Stampers’ Sampler is a magazine that truly aims to please a crafter like myself. It’s full of beautiful illustrations of challenging but accessible cards. The most recent February/March 2012 issue got my creative juices flowing by featuring the results of a challenge the magazine had issued to its readers in the past issue: Build a unique card using a given cupcake template.

I absolutely loved seeing the rise of the cupcake in general of late. From gourmet cupcake shops to cupcake invitations, these humble little confections are finally getting the respect they deserve. What was so amazing about the results of this challenge was the variety of inspiration one little template provided. Isn’t it so amazing to see how different artists respond to different challenges? Each creation inspired me and made me want to make my own version.

I know many stampers who feel like taking a card from a magazine and duplicating it is somehow cheating, but I don’t see it that way. As long as you don’t try to pass someone else’s design off as your own, I think most artists want to provide inspiration. Speaking for myself, I would like the art I bring to this world to bless someone else by encouraging that person to make art of their own. I think this challenge is a perfect example of how you can take a basic idea and put yourself into it. Unless you’re setting out to produce an exact copy, two minds rarely go to the same place artistically, even if they start at the same spot. Your work will always be unique because you are unique.

Be sure to check out the amazing results of this challenge and don’t miss the template they’ve provided for the next challenge. After enjoying the results of the cupcake challenge so much, I may just have to participate this next time around.