Vegetarian Times Goes Green

 Times decision to do a little playing with their name is incredible intriguing. According to VT is experimenting with the name Greens for its veggie-focused glossy:

Vegetarian Times magazine may be going even greener. The 33-year-old
bastion of meatless cooking is considering changing its name to Greens,
a move editor-in-chief Elizabeth Turner says is aimed at broadening the
appeal of the magazine.

She says only about half the magazine’s readers are vegetarians; the
rest only dabble with meatless cuisine. The magazine wants to see how
many other dabblers could be attracted with a new name. But Turner says
that’s all that will change.

"The mission of the magazine would not change, but we thought we
might reach more people and get more people excited about eating low on
the food chain," she says.

To test the new name, the magazine is printing two versions of the
newsstand copies of the September, October and November/December
issues, some with the traditional Vegetarian Times logo, others with
Greens.   …   The magazine’s content also is getting an eco overhaul. It will
regularly offer tips to help readers make ecologically sustainable
choices and regularly highlight eco-friendly products with its "Greenie

With "green" being the most hyped buzz word of the moment, one has to wonder if VT editors are just jumping on the trendy train. But I think that the move is one that came about for different reasons. The word "vegetarian" carries with it some negative connotations in some parts of our society. Discussions about meatless eating can turn very heated in a short amount of time, with omnivores and herbivores debating everything from health to animal rights. I think that VT‘s decision to toy with the name Greens allows them to separate themselves from a term that carries with it a stigma–be it deserved or not.

What do you think about Vegetarian Times’ possible name change?

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