Unlock the Medicinal Power of Your Spice Rack

Unlock the Medicinal Power of Your Spice Rack

Whole Living February 2012

Whole Living Feb. 2012

From the stomach-soothing relief of peppermint to the anti-inflammatory benefits of nutmeg, Whole Living magazine helps us stock our kitchens with delicious, health-inducing herbs.

I love winter for many reasons, one of which is the fact that I was able to stock up on peppermint ice cream around Christmas, and now I can enjoy it for a couple of months until spring arrives. I love that stuff and could eat it all year long, but I’m glad it only hits the shelves for a few months each year because it makes it that much more special to me.

According to the December issue of Whole Living magazine, it’s good that I still have some of that peppermint ice cream on hand. Why? Because peppermint can ease an upset stomach, as it turns on an “anti-pain mechanism” in the GI tract. And it doesn’t take much to reap the benefits. After a hearty winter meal, just a single piece of peppermint candy or a cup of peppermint tea can quickly make you feel better.

Also included in the magazine’s list of beneficial common herbs:

  • Sage: Baked into a dish or simmered in soup, sage can help boost your memory.
  • Cinnamon: As little as a teaspoon daily can help control blood sugar levels. Sprinkle it in your oatmeal, winter squash dishes or over French toast.
  • Cloves: Apparently cloves contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any spice. Antioxidants are good, especially if anti-aging is a goal.

I wonder how my peppermint ice cream would taste sprinkled with cinnamon and cloves. I had better not even try …