First for Women vs. Woman’s World: Which One Suits You?

first_for_women.jpgRecently I was introduced to a women’s magazine I’d never heard of before, First for Women magazine. Published every three weeks by Bauer Media Group, it’s been around for quite a while (since 1989) but somehow I missed it. At first glance, it reminded me a lot of a weekly magazine with which I was familiar, Woman’s World magazine. Both have a newsweekly look and feel and feature weight-loss and food stories prominently on the cover. And both are great resources for women constantly on the lookout for quick, practical tips on cooking, decorating, budgeting, relationships and healthy living. But the similarities end there. So before going out and buying copies of both, how do you determine which one suits you? Pick the checklist below that best describes you!

You’ll love First for Women magazine if…

1. You want to connect. From smart solutions to everyday conundrums to funny photos and phrases, you’ll hear what other readers have to say and share a few laughs.

2. You need your celebrity fix. You like to keep up with your favorite stars and maybe even steal a few tips from them on fashion, beauty and cooking.  

3. You’re not a genius in the kitchen. So you’re not a natural Betty Crocker. You’ll find plenty of quick, easy recipes and step-by-step instructions on everything from torting a cake to cutting up chicken. Should you burn something, turn to the “Can This Dish Be Saved?” feature for a chef intervention.

4. You can’t live without your quizzes. Are you too good of a wife? Do you do enough for you? Maybe you’ve never considered these questions, but this magazine holds the keys to some of the answers.

5. You love your pets as much as your plants.
From disarming a defensive cat to dog-proofing your plants, pet ownership brings its share of challenges. You’ll find a section with advice for you, along with heartwarming stories about animals to keep you warm and fuzzy.

womans_world.jpgYou’ll prefer Woman’s World magazine if…

1. You crave inspiration. From dramatic weight-loss stories to tales about guardian angels and lives transformed, these features will give you chills. 

2. You’re the queen of coupons. Budget conscious? This magazine gives you coupons to clip, along with helpful hints on bagging bargains.

3. You’re pretty darn crafty. If you’ve got a talent for turning trash into treasure, you’ll find lots of ideas to help you do that–from transforming card tables into castles to sprucing up your home with knit. 

4. The kitchen is your playground. Ready to experiment? Recipes for Earl Grey cookies, old-fashioned Sunday suppers and other creative concoctions will put you in touch with your inner gourmet. 
5. You’re a trivia nut. Fast facts, quick stats, and studies share how to ward off cancer with pistachios and stave off wrinkles with pomegranate juice. You like to keep a running list of the latest news in your head, and you’re sure to get it here!

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