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October 1, 2007

Tribute to a Fallen Four-Legged Friend

Lovers of The Bark, or just softie dog lovers in general,  might like to get their hands on both versions of the latest edition’s cover as a collector’s piece. You see, when I pulled my favorite dog magazine from within my mailbox this month I was given pause by the melancholy face featured on the front. It is a gripping cover. A forlorn-looking dog with glassy eyes adorns the cover, but there is no copy at all to be found beyond the masthead and the words "Dog is my Co-Pilot" at the bottom right corner. I wondered why The Bark‘s editors would choose such solemn artwork for their fall edition, but I quickly learned after cracking the cover. The inspiration for The Bark, the creator’s first dog, had passed away. There is a touching tribute to the dearly departed dog inside, as well as a photo spread. The editor explains that subscribers got the somber cover of her beloved pet, while newsstand buyers got a more jovial cover image.

I love the trend of multiple covers, especially when it is executed so well like this. I’m going to scoop up a newsstand issue to pair with the one I got in the mail. As a tribute to one woman’s best friend.

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Michelle Ryan
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