Women's Running magazine March/April 2012

Train for Your First Half Marathon with These Simple Tips

Women's Running magazine March/April 2012Non-running blogger Summer Huggins gets a dose of “I think I can” from Women’s Running magazine.

You’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not a runner. No matter how much I want to make it happen, becoming a runner intimidates me for some reason. I start out well, but when a training schedule requires me to run for 20 minutes without stopping, I always tend to find something else I’d rather do with those 20 minutes.

Then the March/April issue of Women’s Running magazine shows up in my mailbox.

Right there on the cover, in big black letters, they introduce me to their “no excuses” training plan for a half marathon. Their 16-week schedule includes training only three days a week. And–this is where they won me over–there are a few “spa weeks” on the schedule as well.

A bit to my disappointment, the spa weeks don’t include massages and breakfast in bed. Instead, these weeks include what the trainers call “chill runs”–runs that are more at a leisurely pace. They’re a bit easier than runs that show up in other training weeks, but they still get you out there running, working toward your goals. Also on the training schedule: cross-training days that can be filled with Zumba classes, swimming or even hiking with the dogs.

Now, I don’t know if a 13.1-mile race is in my future, but this training schedule makes it look almost possible for me, a non-runner, to fit running and training into my weekly calendar.

Can I also just say bravo to the designers of Women’s Running magazine? I’ve long been disappointed and even distracted by the blaring glow of the white cover with each and every issue that shows up at my house, but with this March/April issue, you’ll notice a difference when it comes to yours. The colors are soft and inviting, not harsh and stark like the solid white covers of the past. I hope this is a trend they’ll continue!