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Top Fitness Magazines as Low as $6.99 During Our Shape Up Sale Shape Up SaleTrying to get in shape, eat healthy or is training for a marathon part of this year’s goals? Get the encouragement you need to achieve them with our Shape Up Sale magazines.

Whether you’re wanting to get your body beach-ready this summer or you’re trying to adopt healthier habits year round, you’re going to need some motivation.

And what better way to get it than with a magazine subscription that brings new tips, low-cal recipes and effective workout regimens in every new issue.

Now through Monday, April 15, you can get these top health and fitness magazine subscriptions as low as $6.99 during our Shape Up Sale.

Women’s Health: For just $6.99, you’ll get 10 issues that address the unique physical and emotional concerns of women. Content covers step-by-step workouts and healthy recipes to beauty tips and sex and relationship advice.

Prevention: Get the latest nutrition and disease-prevention news in this magazine that’s just $6.99 for 12 issues. Each month brings wellness strategies, low-fat recipes and exercise routines, among other nutrition and weight-loss topics.

Men’s Health: Guys can get more about what they want to know, ranging from fitness and nutrition, to fashion, travel, entertainment and relationships in this well-rounded magazine. During the Shape Up Sale, get four issues for $6.99.

Weight Watchers: Even if you’re not following the weight-loss regimen of the same name, this magazine includes nutrition news, recipes and health advice of use. For just $11.99 during the Shape Up Sale, get 6 issues, which is a one-year subscription.

Runner’s World: Whether you run for fun or you’re training for a marathon, this magazine caters to the needs of beginning and experienced runners by providing medical advice, tips on improving speed and endurance, and more. Get five issues for just $6.99.

Bicycling: Cycling enthusiasts will find equipment reviews, training plans and more for road cycling, mountain biking or leisurely biking in this magazine. Try it out for just $6.99 for five issues during the Shape Up Sale.

Running Times: Get race-ready with the expert advice in this magazine. In every issue, you’ll find training strategies, healthy recipes and the latest on racing and sports medicine news. For a limited time, get four issues for $6.99.