Top 5 Workouts of the Summer

womenshealth.jpgIt’s not to late to get beach-ready! This summer’s fitness and health magazines are overflowing with great workout ideas to help us look hot while we try to stay cool in our favorite shorts, tanks and bathing suits.

For a total-body workout, considering the following:

  1. For your legs. Flip to page 56 in the July/August issue of Women’s Health magazine and read “Get Hot Legs!” The four moves illustrated and explained there are doable.
  2. For your arms. The August issue of Men’s Health magazine features “25 Ways to Build Your Biceps.” Ladies, don’t feel left out of this one! Simply work with dumbbells that are appropriate for your level of fitness.
  3. For your tummy. “Fast Track to a Flat Belly!” in the August issue of Prevention magazine outlines a seven-day program sure to show dramatic results. Bonus: This article features a sit-up timeline, starting with the old-school sit-ups from the 1960s. My, how things have changed…
  4. For your lower half. “The Booty Camp Workout” in the July/August issue of Fitness magazine helps to “fight flab from your abs down to your calves” and everywhere in between.
  5. For an all-over burn. The customizable plan in the July/August issue of Women’s Health magazine — “Reshape Your Body in Record Time” — offers up an intense full-body workout that promises quick results.