Kim Kardashian Shows Us Her Barenaked Hand

W_Kardashian_201011.pngThis week Kim Kardashian made quite a splash with another nude pictorial of herself in W magazine‘s November issue. Now MTV is ranking it among the “Best Naked Periodicals“–ever. This is high praise considering the wealth of nude magazine covers we’ve been looking at as of late.

Earlier this month, ESPN the Magazine introduced its newest “Body Issue,” featuring naked sports celebrities on four different covers. Lady Gaga just stripped for Vanity Fair magazine last month. In short: it takes a lot to get noticed in that sea of skin.

VF_Gaga_201009.jpgWhat’s interesting about Kardashian’s W cover is that it’s certainly not her first. Kardashian has posed nude for Playboy. Kardashian has since bemoaned the fact that she posed for Playboy in Harper’s Bazaar magazine–where she also posed nude. So distraught by the attention of those pictorials was the reality star that she felt the need to pose nude again in W–a fashion magazine, by the way.

MTV may want to claim the W cover, ranking it up there with Jennifer Aniston’s Rolling Stone magazine cover, Demi Moore’s pregnant cover for Vanity Fair, and Lady Gaga’s recent bared-to-there look for for the fashion magazine, but in the end, all Kardashian’s really done is show us her hand.
VF_Moore_199108.jpgFor now the world is fascinated by her beauty and her ability to bare
so much of herself in print and on TV with her E! reality shows,
“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Kourtney and Kim Take
Manhattan.” But that’s all that’s there. And anybody can take off their clothes. Anybody.

As for the magazines, at some point readers will grow bored of
this–especially women who want to read about fashion. There is a fine
line between a tad voyeuristic (Let’s see what this celebrity looks like in her birthday suit…)
and what’s excessive. Nudity no longer really shocks us as it did with
Moore’s rotund naked belly. Now we simply stock it on the shelf with the
others and rank our favorites once in awhile. It’s blase, not ballsy.

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