This Old House Magazine Heads Outdoors in May

this_old_house_magazine_subscription_may2011.jpgThis Old House magazine focuses on the outside in May with numerous stories about everything from prepping the grill for the season to repairing patchy spots in the lawn to growing fruit and vegetables.

One of the most exciting features in the issue compares different patio surfaces. Several ways of using concrete (textured veneer stamped to resemble cut bluestone is gorgeous), gravel and brick (mortared mottled brick is lovely and traditional) are compared, with information on the best choice to suit climate, expense and maintenance parameters.

This Old House also talks about lighting outdoor spaces in the May issue. The four-page feature describes various kinds of lights and what they are used for and explains how to accomplish five lighting effects. The story also reminds readers to consider their neighbors when making outdoor lighting plans.

Because this is This Old House, there are plenty of other DIY projects and tips for all over the house.

Meanwhile, House Beautiful magazine also draws inspiration from the outdoors in May. “Amazing outdoor rooms” are blurbed on the cover and include some that are actually outside (a kitchen, a garden space), while others showcase fabrics, draperies or wall coverings filled with leafy patterns. There are also rooms that bridge the inside and outside.