They Said Paul Was Dead, Too, And Look How That Turned Out

Mr. Magazine, in preparing to defend the longevity of print magazines in a debate at the Florida Magazine Association’s annual convention, notes that fashion magazines this fall inadvertently helped him in his construction of an argument. Vogue, Bazaar, Elle and W all proudly tout that their September issues are their biggest issues ever:

My eyes started to play tricks on me…magazine after magazine in the
women and fashion section were screaming at me “Biggest Issue Ever.” I
rubbed my eyes and took a second look. I asked myself how can this be
true? I thought someone told me (actually a lot of someones) that print
is dead. Well folks, guess what, print is not dead.

Four different magazines with hundreds of pages all ready for your
fingers to do the walking… no matter how many pages you can store on
one e-paper, the feeling is not the same. Buying those magazines, for
less than $20 total, gave me the complete satisfaction of having my
cake and eating it too. My friend Bob, you know you can’t have your
e-paper and eat it too…

For what it’s worth, I am a subscriber to more than a dozen magazines and regularly buy single copies of others. I have been a magazine reader and buyer since I was a pre-teen. My selection has changed, but the number of magazines I read has only grown. However, I read no online magazines or e-papers. Nothing that tries to simulate the paper format digitally. And this is coming from someone who spends dozens and dozens of hours a week online–someone who consumes media and communicates primarily on the internet. I have to agree with Mr. Magazine on this one. Print is not dead. At least not yet.

EDITED TO ADD: An opposing view from someone who finds magazines boring overall.

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