There’s Lots More Than Ashley Judd in More Magazine’s May Issue

more_magazine_subscription_may2011.jpgSure there’s always a celebrity, usually an actress, on the cover of More magazine, but there’s also so much more to the issue than that pretty face.

Here are other not-to-be-missed stories in the May issue, the one with Ashley Judd on the cover.

  • Just a Number: Every month More features a mini profile of a stunning “ordinary” woman; this time Nancy Jarecki shows off her very blond pixie cut and talks about how a hair appointment in Paris inspired her line of very personal dyes.

  • Just a Number?: Not when the aches, pangs, and hormonal and physical changes kick in–as hilariously conveyed in an essay by Melanie Gideon.
  • Just Do It: In another essay, Kathryn Stockett talks about the many, many rejections she got when shopping around her best-selling novel, “The Help.” She countered the negative vibes and pressed on with rewrites, even when she felt compelled to lie about what she was doing to save face. (No mention of the lawsuit from her brother’s nanny/housekeeper.)
  • Mother Love: Read this poignant essay about a mother’s heart-wrenching request to find out why the accompanying photograph of delicious peaches is the perfect illustration for the story.
  • Money Talks: MSNBC “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski’s new book, “Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You Want,” grew out of her own negative experiences asking for a more equitable salary on the show. In this Q-&-A she discusses what she learned, and what others can learn from the women she quotes in the book.
  • Wonder Women: It’s not Women’s History Month, which makes it even cooler that More includes a 10-page “Fierce List” of women in its May issue. The listees include politicians, entertainers, survivors of all kinds, athletes, etc.