The Weight-Loss Tool You’ve Likely Never Thought About

Family Circle magazine's January 2012 issue

Family Circle magazine's January 2012 issue

Family Circle magazine offers New Year’s resolution assistance by reviewing websites designed to help those looking to lose weight, save money, or both.

I’d love to know the number of New Year’s resolutions lists that begin with “Lose weight.” It’s a goal for most of us for 2012, and the January 2012 Family Circle had a great article on how make sure you stick to this year’s promises.

We use our computers for every other area of our life; why not for weight loss? Today there are several online social networking groups that help like-minded goal setters who are trying to lose weight. And if you don’t want all your Facebook friends following your every pound, you can even register anonymously for most of them.

Family Circle’s tech writer Christina Tynan-Wood tried a few out before jumping in. The spark she got from making it public was just the thing she needed to tip the scales (pun intended). “Within days, my own previously private nutrition and exercise goals had become part of my public (but still anonymous) online identity,” she wrote in the article. “And when I stepped on the wireless scale, I got to hold myself accountable–my small success was instantly posted to my virtual profile. Backtracking now will cause my online identity to lose.”

I know lots of people who’ve had great success with Weight Watchers, mainly because of the weekly weigh-in meetings. You’re more likely to stick to your goals if you have someone monitoring them. I’m not the type to join an in-person Weight Watchers group, but I can totally see myself participating in one of these online networks.


Family Circle recommends DailyBurn.com as one of the social networking weight-loss sites that can help people stay motivated.

If saving money is more important than losing weight in 2012, there are online tools to help you there too. The article mentions a service from Mint.com called Goals and Budgets that helps you keep track of spending in relation to savings goals. It even sends a text message to you instantly when you exceed certain budgets. Eek! The guilt I’d feel in the Target parking lot.

Here are a few of the sites the magazine reviewed and recommends:

Sparkpeople.com: Diet plans, online and mobile tracking tools and inspiration.

DailyBurn.com: Use a wireless scale for weigh-ins and you’ll never be able to cheat.

Mint.com: Budget and track your money and be held accountable with text messages when you blow it.

CreditSesame.com: Use a game-type system to help improve your credit rating.