My Clipped Recipe Awards: Top Magazines for the Cooking-Challenged

admit it. I’m not the best cook in the world. In fact, I hardly cook at
all. I’ve used my Crock-Pot twice in the past eight years and the last
time I fired up the stove was about three weeks ago–to scramble an
egg. I’ve always been a grab-it-and-go kind of gal. Translation: My kind of meal is anything I can pull out of the refrigerator and unwrap or zap.

Cooking is an area where I find most women’s magazines
intimidating. Oh, I’m just as tempted by the mouth-watering dishes and
luscious confections as the next reader, but one glance at the long
list of ingredients, multiple steps and hours it takes to put it all
together, and my resolve turns to Jell-O. I doubt my attempt could ever
live up.

So when I find a magazine that demystifies cooking and
teaches me how to make tasty meals that are fast, easy and somewhat
healthy too, I say a silent prayer of gratitude. My cooking phobia may
not represent the majority of readers who have women’s magazine
subscriptions, but I’m convinced that there are more of us out there than
most food editors realize. For their recognition of and service to the
cooking-challenged, the following magazines take top honors in my

First Place
Woman’s Day magazine:
For putting the spotlight back on simple but scrumptious combos like
peanut butter sandwiches with sliced strawberries, and mashed potatoes
with pesto; for setting realistic expectations by listing both prep and cooking time; and for noting how much money a dish cooked at home saves compared to the same meal ordered out

Second Place
Ladies’ Home Journal magazine: For
breaking down the basics of baking a pizza and illustrating how to make
different concoctions by switching up the crust, sauce, cheese, veggies
and meat; for explaining the Mediterranean diet by categorizing its eight main food groups and dividing them into recommended portion sizes per day 

Third Place
First for Women magazine:
For suggesting protein-packed meals with minimal ingredients and quick
prep time; for providing tips on how to salvage a disastrous dish; and
for sharing secrets on finding healthy menu items at fast-food

The prize: These publications win my loyal readership and earn my promise to clip their recipes and perhaps even test them in my kitchen.

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