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Feast for Your Thanksgiving Table

Photography credit: A.K. Vogel Photography

When people think of Thanksgiving, they usually think about their menu, but I believe a beautiful tablescape is equally as important. Let the harvest of fall inspire you; warm, pumpkin orange is a gorgeous color and perfect starting off point for your table. Get in touch with your glamorous side and let the glitter take over.

To achieve these glamorous pumpkins you’ll need orange puff glue, sponge brush, and orange glitter. When choosing your pumpkins, keep your table size and the food that will sit on your table in mind. You don’t want a table full of pumpkins with no room to set the turkey or ham!

Photography credit: A.K. Vogel Photography

To create the completely glittered pumpkins pictured here, bathe the pumpkin with the puff glue using a sponge brush and pour with glitter. If you want to incorporate a design onto them, try something simple and curvy. Shower the glitter over the wet glue and wait to dry before you shake off the excess. If an entire centerpiece of sparkling pumpkins isn’t your style, narrow down to using just one or two with a couple of standard pumpkins.

Place cards personalize your table settings. With a big group it is a must, but I love to use them even in the most intimate tablescapes. These cards were crafted with the same orange glitter, glue, and cardstock. Apply a thin layer of glue to each orange cardstock and then sprinkle on the glitter, let dry. Each guest’s name was handwritten in calligraphy on white cardstock in brown ink, finished with a dusting of brown glitter. Once the names are written, glue the white cardstock onto the dried orange glitter paper. The holders are most simple of all! Purchase chestnuts from your local grocery store and with the flat side down on the table, cut a slit across the top. This slit will serve as your holder; voila, you’ve got a creative place card holder!
No table is complete without flowers. An arrangement with a mix of orange roses, orchids and coffee berries are beautifully accented with the glittery pumpkins.

Photography credit: A.K. Vogel Photography

Guests and family will be amazed at your beautiful holiday décor. Relax this holiday season and enjoy the compliments that your unique tables will bring you! These festive tips are easy to accomplish and you’ll have your very own seductive home for the holidays.

For more inspiring ways to create a seductive home for the holidays, get your copy of my new book “Seductive Tables for Two.”

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