Teacher Appreciation Week: Top 10 Creative Alternatives to the Apple

Teacher Appreciation Week: Top 10 Creative Alternatives to the Apple

Teacher Appreciation Week: Top 10 Creative Alternatives to the AppleWe’re all familiar with the old adage, but if your child’s teacher really wanted 24 apples, he or she would just go to the store and buy a bag of Fujis.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it might also keep your child’s teacher away if you decide to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week this week with a piece of fruit. All jokes aside, though, it’s tough to figure out how to best say thank you to the person who works daily to educate, nurture and care for your child.

To make the process a bit easier this year, we’re offering up our list of the Top 10 ways to thank your child’s teacher without going anywhere near the produce section. As with any gift, the most important thing is knowing the teacher and taking into account factors like age, hobbies, family life, interests and classroom needs to help you buy the most thoughtful gift possible. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Nice coffee or tea - Of course this depends on the taste of the teacher, but a pound of nice coffee or a box of fine tea with a few honey sticks and a fun mug make for great gifts.

2. Books for the classroom - If your child is an elementary school student, you may be able to get an idea of what books the teacher has or wants and purchase some nice, new books for the classroom.

3. Something homemade – You don’t have to be an excellent baker to offer up a homemade present. Consider your abilities and make homemade stationery, a notebook or anything else you think the teacher would enjoy.

4. A magazine subscription (not to a teaching magazine) – If you know anything about the interests of the teacher you’re shopping for, get him or her a subscription to a fun magazine on the topic. For women, consider titles like Real Simple or Whole Living. For men, a safe bet is Popular Science or Wired.

5. Movie tickets – Regardless of age or stage of life, most teachers would enjoy four tickets to the local cinema. Popcorn, anyone?

6. A gift card to a teacher supply store – While every teacher does have a life outside of school and doesn’t necessarily want teacher-related gifts, this one can be quite helpful, as many teachers end up buying at least some supplies out of pocket.

7. A potted plant, flower or herb garden – Add a bit of spring to a teacher’s home or classroom with the gift of a potted plant or even an herb. Pick something seasonal to make it a little more timely and fun.

8. Chocolate – Need we say more?

9. A gift card to a coffee shop or restaurant – This is where you may need to know your child’s teacher a bit, but gift cards are always a nice token of appreciation since the recipient gets to choose how and when to use them.

10. Something uniquely local - Think about what gives your local area its flavor, and make a gift out of a few fun local things that are unique to where you live.