Talkin’ Turkey: 7 Magazines That Promise to Make Your Holiday Meal a Thankful Experience

foodandwine_nov2010.jpgWhether you’re envisioning a Thanksgiving meal that’s easy to pull off, a little different or beyond your wildest expectations, multiple November issues of food and cooking magazines promise to help you get through the sometimes hectic planning and execution of the official pre-holiday shopping ritual.

Many more than these seven acknowledged Turkey Day, but these not only talked about the basted bird, they celebrated it on their covers. Here’s a preview of what they guarantee.

1. Taste of Home magazine: The combo October/November issue splits time with Halloween, but plenty of space is devoted to planning “Your Best Ever Thanksgiving” with appetizers, seasonal sides and pies. The Champagne Basted Turkey is the centerpiece of the cover feast, but they didn’t tell you about the leftover ideas inside.

2. Food & Wine magazine: Acknowledging the typical holiday time-crunch, the November issue comes to the rescue with meals that are easy and fast, along with a run-down of the best new holiday wines. If the Soy Sauce and Honey-Glazed Turkey paired with Pinot Noir on the cover whets your appetite, you won’t be disappointed with the number and variety of holiday recipes inside.

3. Food Network Magazine: This month’s issue is about the turkey and all the trimmings–stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies and desserts. With 122 recipes, as touted on its cover, there’s plenty of sides and desserts to complement the turkey prep suggestions, such as deep fried, roasted and pomegranate glazed.

BHG November 2010.jpg4. Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine: The November issue is all about the bird getting carved for serving, minus the usual mug of Rach alongside the dish. According to the cover, you’ll find everything for “your complete Thanksgiving” with 66 quick recipes and 139 tips, plus “9 Secrets to a Tasty Bird” to “serve your best turkey ever.”

5. Better Homes and Gardens magazine: This festive cover steps back to look at the bigger picture–the dinner table–and the bird takes a backseat to some of the usual sides. But the issue promises “a feast to remember,” “foolproof pies” and, of course, tips to “simplify the season.”

6. Cooking Light magazine: This healthy eating authority’s holiday issue swears you can be thankful for a scrumptious seasonal meal that’s good for you too. With over 300 healthy tips and recipes, including how to spice up those requisite leftovers, you can still enjoy a traditional turkey dinner.

7. Saveur magazine: With nothing less than what we’d expect from this fine dining source, there’s not just one turkey on the cover. There’s five, prepared in ways ranging from classic to spicy to a little unexpected. Plenty of advice on starters, sides, desserts and, of course, wines, is sure to make your holiday meal one to savor.

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