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The 10 Best Magazines to Keep in the Kitchen

Make sense of everything that goes on in your kitchen with these must-have magazines. You’ll never have to wonder what to cook or how to store, budget or plan ahead again.

There’s a seemingly endless list of dilemmas we face in the kitchen—from how to best store fresh produce to organizing grocery lists and preparing healthy, but quick (of course) meals. Often, the answers to these culinary conundrums come a little too late—if we’re even aware to seek them out at all. But that’s exactly why these ten magazines made our list of must-haves in the kitchen.

Cook’s Illustrated: Even if the trial and error behind each recipe doesn’t interest you, the double-page spread of reader-submitted tips is packed with enough useful storage, organization and prep advice to make this worthwhile.

Everyday Food: This Martha Stewart publication not only makes the grade for its very convenient size, but also for its in-season profiles and multiple recipes in every issue that help you get the most out of  the freshest fruits and veggies.

Cooking Light: Lighter eating doesn’t have to mean blah. Not with these made-over meals that trim the fat and calories from foods you’ll actually want to eat. Budget-conscious beer and wine pairing advice and recommendations included.

Family Circle: Who isn’t trying to feed a family on a budget these days—much less trying to make it healthy, fast, tasty and exciting? It may sound impossible, but these recipes cover a lot of ground for less—and even break down the cost per serving.

Every Day With Rachael Ray: Take that budgeting and meal planning a step further with Rachael’s weeknight planner, shopping list and projected grocery bill in each issue. You’ll never get halfway through a recipe and realize you forgot an ingredient.

Food Network Magazine: Your favorite cooking celebs bring out the fun in food with creative presentation and recipes “copied” from famous restaurants. Each issue’s tear-out booklet features 50 variations on one food, like milkshakes, burgers and more.

EatingWell: Snacking can be the slippery slope that derails the best of us when it comes to healthy eating. Not so with these low-fat, low-cal treats that include everything from cookies and pies to prepared fruits and, yes, even cheesecake.

Vegetarian Times: Even if your diet isn’t meat-free, these recipes are worth having on hand for any guests—or for incorporating a vegetarian night into your own regimen. Regardless, it’s a great resource for hearty salads and sides.

YUM Food & Fun for Kids: Banish summer boredom or come to the rescue on rainy days with nutritious snack ideas and creative desserts kids can help make themselves. Your little ones will be well-fed—and entertained.

Cookbook Digest: Cookbook addicts, this is for you—one way or another. This magazine previews new cookbooks and lets you “try” multiple recipes before you buy, meaning you may add less—or more—to your collection.

Highlights magazine cover

5 Kid-Friendly Magazines to Help You (and the Kids) Survive the Summer

Highlights magazineSummer’s great for kids, until they get bored with it or rain forces the fun indoors. Prepared parents need these five magazines as their go-to backups to keep kids entertained.

The thrill of summer won’t last forever—it likely won’t even last the whole summer. So when the kids have exhausted the fun of playing outside or that first rainy day strikes, you’d better have a backup plan.

One summer, my mom took my brother and me to get our first library cards—and we wore them out much to her delight. Another summer, we played tourist in our own town, taking in all the museums and sights we could.

In addition to those two options, some of our customers’ favorite magazines are full of fun for the kids—or offer lots of ideas for parents, grandparents and babysitters. Here’s five titles our customers recommend for their kid-friendly ideas.

1. Highlights: Stories, cartoons, jokes and puzzles will keep kids entertained—maybe even quiet—while simple craft projects and science experiments may require some adult assistance. For a limited time, this must-have magazine subscription is available for more than $5 off a one-year subscription.

2. FamilyFun: For activities the whole group can enjoy, the crafts, recipes and games that fill each issue will allow for all types of creative expression. For example, this Sparkling Ice Crystal Ornament can be completed by younger children with some supervision or independently by older ones.

3. YUM Food & Fun For Kids: Budding chefs or a curious cooks won’t mind being cooped up for a day or two with all of the simple, yet creative ideas in this magazine that can be made by them or for them. Best thing is it makes cooking fun and may encourage more adventurous eating habits.

4. Kiwi: In addition to being packed with tips and product suggestions for the eco-conscious parent, this magazine offers “green” craft ideas and easy-to-make recipes, like this Dessert Pizza, for the kids whip up and enjoy. There’s even teaching tools to help your child grow up with Mother Earth in mind.

5. National Geographic Kids: Little animal lovers will get a kick out of this kid-friendly version of this magazine that features stories about animals, science and technology, plus posters, puzzles, games and trading cards. Though it’s intended for ages 6 and up, some customers say even younger children enjoy looking at the animal photos.