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10 Ways to Improve Your Health Right Now


Learn 10 useful tips to improve your health today.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, anxious, mentally drained or unhappy – no matter what your age – the good news is that it’s never too late to reboot and improve your health (and happiness). Keep reading for 10 easy ways to improve your health today. Continue reading

Shape magazine February 2012 cover

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Workout Built for Two

Shape magazine February 2012 coverIf you want to get outside and burn calories while feeling close to your significant other, Shape magazine has just the workout for you.

Imagine, you’re looking into your husband’s eyes. Your hearts are pounding. Sweat is dripping down his chest. Adrenaline is rushing through you. No, ladies, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about working out together.

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Shape magazine designed a workout that’s built specifically for two. This flirty and fun workout takes less than a half hour and targets your whole body.  A couple of the moves look fairly easy, like the side shuffle and the power punch. Others, however–like the partner press and pull together–look a bit more challenging.

I think my personal favorite is the rescue me, a move that works your back, core, arms and shoulders. It looks a little bit like a one-on-one game of tug of war, and it works like this: While sitting facing each other with knees bent and feet touching, each person holds the end of a towel. You start by lying on your back and then pulling yourself up, hand over hand, until you’re sitting up straight again. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch.

My husband and I aren’t big believers in Valentine’s Day. We can get chocolate any time of the year. The prices for roses are inflated way too high in February. And he thinks it’s a holiday the card companies invented just to make money. But together, we’re taking our health and fitness much more seriously these days. This 20-minute strengthener will be a great addition to our Valentine’s Day evening.

Self magazine February 2012 cover

Bench Warmers: Work Out at the Park

Self magazine February 2012

Self Feb. 2012

Self magazine urges readers to get outside — and work out once we’re there.

When you’re at the park with the kids, you basically have two choices: You can sit on a park bench and watch them slide and swing and laugh. Or, you can use that bench to burn some calories and tone a few muscles.

The February issue of Self magazine offers up two bench workouts: One is designed to utilize the weight bench in the gym and the other uses a park bench in the great outdoors. With the sunshine and blue sky we’ve been experiencing in Austin, the outdoor version of the workout has me wanting to get outside and give it a try.

Self magazine illustrates each move in full-color photographs and detailed descriptions. The workout includes moves like Going in Circles, which works the arms, abs, glutes and thighs; and the Flying Ace, which focuses on the shoulders and back.

If “I don’t have time” is one of your go-to excuses for not getting into shape, this quick workout blows it out of the water. If you have time to take the kids to the park, you have time to work out while you’re there. Two birds, one stone!