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30 Amazing Magazines for Moms

magazines for moms

Of all the special people in your life, your mom is No. 1. Show her how much you care this Mother’s Day by giving her the gift that gives back! We’ll help you find the right magazine subscription for every type of mom—as unique as she is!

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Easiest Halloween Fall Pumpkin Decor

Easiest No-Carve Pumpkin Décor Ideas for Halloween and Fall

Easiest Halloween and Fall Pumpkin Decor IdeasNot feeling particularly artistic or creative when it comes to dressing up your porch for fall or Halloween? Even the most challenged DIY’ers can find something easy—and elegant—enough on this list!

You’ve probably been seeing Halloween candy displays in the stores for weeks now. Then, suddenly, it’s October, and pumpkins are everywhere.

They’re balanced atop each other in the produce section at the supermarket. (They go, of course, with the never-ending supply of pumpkin-carving ideas to be found in October home and garden magazines.)

If you’re not feeling your inner Van Gogh or even Martha Stewart when it comes to pumpkin carving this year, there’s even pre-“carved” decorations with monograms and other seasonal sayings at craft and home stores.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to completely throw in the towel and go with purely manufactured pumpkin décor for your porch or your home. In that case, we’ve scoured seasonal magazines and, you guessed it, Pinterest for the easiest pumpkin designs.

Any one of these six no-carve pumpkin ideas used in your fall or Halloween porch display will rival even your neighbors’ most intricate designs—and they take just a fraction of the time! They are (clockwise from top left):

1. Tights on a Pumpkin: Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this idea from blogger Sydney Loves Fashion. Take a pair of old patterned tights—or buy some inexpensive ones—slip them over a pumpkin and tie off the tip with a festive bow. No carving, no painting, no gluing required!

2. Tack ‘Em Up: Another simple, yet elegant design comes from Southern Living. Using upholstery tacks in different shapes or sizes, if you choose, create your own patterns by piercing the outer skin of the pumpkin. It looks especially sophisticated using white pumpkins as your canvas.

3. Oh, What a Tangled Web: Woman’s Day’s tangled web pumpkin design requires just five things to pull it off: scissors, twine, glue or pins, a pumpkin (of course) and plastic spiders. Just wrap your pumpkin with twine, secure it with pins or hot glue. Add an eerie finishing touch by placing plastic spiders within your completed web.

4. Add a Custom Message: Don’t want to paint the whole pumpkin? Using Better Homes & Gardens downloadable Chalkboard Paint Labels, you can trace your design on the pumpkin, fill in with chalkboard paint and write in your message with chalk. Change it every day even!

5. Make It Mummified: Easily transform your pumpkin into a mummy using streamers or gauze and glue or double-sided tape. Martha Stewart Living suggests using a saw to create the eyes, but affixing googly eyes is an even simpler option if you’re pressed for time.

6. Patterned Pumpkin: Of all these easy ideas, this one from blogger Confessions of a Plate Addict that was inspired by Country Living requires the most effort, but don’t be discouraged. It’s still a fairly quick way to transform your pumpkin. Cut patterns out of scrapbook paper (or use color copies or scans of fabric), or use whole sheets, and apply with Mod Podge.

For more information on making these projects and for more easy Halloween and fall pumpkin decor ideas, follow our Pinterest board here.

One Dollar Sale Magazine Subscription Deals

5 Magazine Subscription Deals to Help Keep You Warm This Fall

Fall Magazine Subscription Deals One Dollar or Less Per IssueMake the most of the sights, sounds, tastes and fashions of fall with these five magazine subscription deals! Each one is part of our $1 Sale—where every magazine is just $1 or less per issue!

OK, so not everyone will need to bundle up for fall, but the season just makes us think of comfy, cozy sweaters and blankets and hearty soups to keep warm. Since the weather might be uncooperative, at least these five magazine subscription deals will indulge our fall fantasies.

These five magazine subscriptions are part of our $1 Sale, where every title is just $1 or less per issue. With more than 50 magazines at a great price, you’re sure to find one to suit your fall fantasy, too!

1. Entertainment Weekly:  Whether you’d like to plan a family movie night in—or out—this entertainment magazine can give you insight on what to watch, whether it’s the next big blockbuster or something kid-friendly. During the $1 Sale, get 52 issues for just $25.

2. Sports Illustrated: Fall means football, right? It also means Major League Baseball playoffs and the start of the National Hockey League season. So whatever sport sums up fall for you, this sports magazine will give you the insider tips to get into the game—at home or away. During the $1 Sale, get 28 issues for $26.

3. Cooking Light: Warm breads, hearty soups and other comfort foods are staples of fall eating. Lest you overdo it or you’re into counting calories, this food magazine shares healthy ways to enjoy the flavors of the season without sacrificing taste. During the $1 Sale, get 24 issues for $24.

4. Time: Bundle up against the cooler weather, but don’t bury your head in the sand. Turn to this newsweekly for the latest on political and social headlines at home and abroad, including thoughtful, well-written features and cover stories. During the $1 Sale, get 27 issues for $16.

5. InStyle: You’re ready to break out the scarves and sweaters and boots for fall, but you won’t want to miss advice on incorporating the latest trends into your look with advice from fashion magazines like this one. During the $1 Sale, get 26 issues for $26.

10 Dollars or Less Magazine Subscription DIscounts Deals

10 Great Magazines for Fall with Subscriptions on Sale for $10 or Less

10 Dollar or Less Magazine Subscription DealsIt’s officially fall, but if you’re not feeling it yet you can get into a cooler state of mind with these great magazine subscription deals, just $10 or less for a limited time!

Fall has officially arrived, though it might not quite feel like it everywhere yet. Still, people across the country are experiencing at least a hint of a cooler breeze (it’ll only be 94 today in Dallas!) to indicate the season’s about to change.

Even if the weather is uncooperative, you can still get in a fall state of mind and save big on top magazine subscriptions. More than 150 of them are discounted to just $10 or less each now through Sept. 26, 2013!

These are our 10 magazine picks to help get you ready for the season, whether you’re feeling it yet or not.

1. Good Housekeeping: School, dance, football, home, dinner, and do it all again tomorrow. If your household is operating in overdrive, this magazine is packed with tips to help you keep it under control.

2. Taste of Home: Whether you need low-cost, simple meals, healthy snack ideas or warming comfort foods, you’ll find them among the many reader-submitted recipes in every issue.

3. Sports Illustrated Kids: Football, football, football. Help your kids get into the biggest games of the season with this sports magazine featuring content created just for them.

4. Family Handyman: Need to catch up on that ‘honey-do’ list or prepare to winter-proof your home? Get step-by-step instruction and time-saving shortcuts in this popular home improvement magazine.

5. Golf Magazine: Want to enjoy the cooler weather? Before it gets too cool, hit the links, but up your game first with the helpful tips and equipment recommendations in every issue.

6. National Geographic Traveler: What’s fall like in another region or country? Get out and explore with insider travel advice for cities close to home or around the world.

7. Harper’s Bazaar: Fall wouldn’t be fall without great boots, comfy sweaters and cozy scarves. Learn to incorporate these and more of the season’s top trends with this stylish authority.

8. Reader’s Digest: If you love reading but don’t always have time to curl up with a good book or magazine, enjoy the thoughtful shorter pieces (and puzzles!) in this popular digest.

9. Field & Stream: With the start of hunting season around the corner, keep your outdoorsman (or woman) informed with one of America’s most popular hunting and fishing magazines.

10. Coastal Living: If you’re not much of a fall person, you can at least daydream about warmer weather with this lifestyle magazine that celebrates all things along the coast.

Penny Sale Magazine Subscription Deals

Get More Magazines for a Penny with These $10.01 (or Less) Magazine Subscription Deals

Penny Sale Magazine Subscription DealsWant to turn your spare change into something useful? During our Penny Sale, you can turn it into more magazines with new subscriptions on more than 40 popular titles!

What’s the best thing to do with spare change? Maybe you stash it in a jar and forget about it. Or you toss it in the bottom of your purse until it just gets overwhelming—or heavy.

We can’t help you spend every one of those pesky pennies, but we can help take some of your hands with great magazine subscription deals during our Penny Sale!

Now through Sept. 19, extend your magazine subscription term for just a penny more on a great selection of more than 40 popular and diverse titles that ensure you’ll find something for just about everyone.

This is just a peek at the magazine discounts that are part of the Penny Sale, and we’re highlighting seven that are just $10.01 or less.

Good Housekeeping: Get tested (and tested) and trusted advice from this longtime authority on everything for the home, including recipes, cleaning tips and more.

Redbook: If you want to look like a million bucks, but don’t quite have that kind of money to spend, the sensible advice found in this women’s magazine will help you look your best and save big, too!

Marie Claire: You can’t get enough of the hottest trends in fashion or best beauty product recommendations, so you can count on this stylish guide to deliver month after month.

Seventeen: Nearly a rite of passage for tweens and teens, this magazine is a must for helping wide-eyed girls daydream about homecoming and prom dresses and navigating other age-appropriate issues.

Woman’s Day: This title packs a lot of information—from fashion and financial advice to recipes, home décor tips, organization and more—into every issue. Ideal for women on the go!

Harper’s Bazaar:  If you consider your look more classic than trendy, you’ll get the sophisticated style tips that will still keep you at the forefront of what’s new in the fashion world with this magazine.

Esquire: Fashion’s not just for the ladies, and this men’s magazine understands that. It delivers sexy style, political commentary, thought-provoking editorial and relationship advice in every issue.

Marie Claire_Sept2012_featured

MPA Study Concludes Social Media Use Enriches Magazine Experience, Shows Room for Growth

Marie Claire magazine September 2012 issuePrint or digital? A new study suggests we may not have to choose, as social media can add value to print magazines. But are they doing enough to keep up with readers?   

The Internet was supposed to be the end of magazines. Didn’t happen. But it slowly but surely changed the way we consumed our news, got our beauty tips and stayed updated on celebrity gossip.

Then social media came along and changed it even more. No longer do we have to search the ‘net for the magazines we love or the topics we want to read. Through a myriad of up-to-the-minute feeds, we can follow tweets, subscribe to status updates, pin things to boards and stumble our interests.

But according to a recent study released by the MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, social media may be doing more to boost magazine engagement than it does to hurt it, particularly among Milennials, readers aged 18-34.

You might think you could thank a new generation of e-readers and digital issues for that. But of the 40 percent of the more than 1,000 study participants who identified themselves as “avid magazine readers,” 95 percent still prefer print. Less than half of that number—43 percent—opt for the digital versions.

Among general social media preferences, Facebook leads all others for study participants. Ninety percent of all respondents and about 90 percent of the avid magazine reader group use the site. That’s followed by YouTube (61 percent), Twitter (40 percent) and Google+ (33 percent).

In terms of magazine engagement, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook lead the charge. Fifty-six percent of respondents follow a title on Twitter. About the same number follow and re-pin magazine content on Pinterest. And 52 percent keep up with a magazine in their news feed.

Those numbers indicate there’s a lot of room for growth in terms of magazine engagement on social media. According to the study, already-engaged magazine Facebookers and tweeters are looking for exclusive deals and opportunities to interact with their favorite titles to enhance their subscriptions.

But Bonnie Miller, a former magazine editor-in-chief who launched HollywoodLife.com, wonders if women’s magazines aren’t missing out on reader interactions more fundamentally. In an article on AdAge.com, she says Millennials are looking for up-to-the-minute news and insights, particularly on magazine websites—content that would ultimately make it to social media anyway.

Miller used the example of Time’s controversial breastfeeding cover. She cited numerous online sites and blogs who jumped into the conversation, while women’s magazines were silent on the issue. That has more to do with how magazines approach digital content as an adaptation of print content, rather than the more up-to-date and fresh content of a blog.

How many ways do you keep up with your favorite magazines? What content do you hope to get on their social media sites?