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Marie Claire NFL Supplement Minka Kelly

Marie Claire Magazine and NFL Team Up to Get Female Football Fans in the Game

Marie Claire NFL Minka KellyMore and more ladies are paying attention to the NFL, so the league is partnering with top women’s magazines to educate the fairer sex on football and fashion and the rules of the game.

Ladies, are you ready for some football? Marie Claire magazine and the NFL are teaming up to make sure you are.

Fashion and football might seem like an unlikely partnership, but not if you consider that female viewership of the Super Bowl has quadrupled in the last 10 years, according to Sports Business Daily, or that women’s jerseys are among the fastest growing merchandise sector, according to the NFL.

So it’s no surprise that the National Football League is building on that popularity with ads in women’s magazines, Marie Claire being the biggest for which it shelled out the presumably big—but undisclosed—bucks to sponsor a 16-page section titled “The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Football” in its biggest issue of the year.

Actress Minka Kelly of “Friday Night Lights” fame covers the supplement that walks a fine line between giving us ladies stereotypical advice about what to wear and giving those of us who know something about football a little credit.

The special section is padded with ads featuring gals sporting their football gear (it’s not just pink) in the most fashionable of ways and beauty pointers on getting the most spirited manicures for game day.

In a similar vein, there’s tips on throwing the perfect party at home, covering everything from the menu and the guest list to the color-coordinated tableware and serving accoutrements.

There’s even a game-day playlist that includes mood-appropriate tunes for every thrilling moment from the pre-game warm-up to celebrating victory—or soothing sounds for when the team comes up just short.

Props to the magazine for realizing that we’re not all about cute ways to accessorize our girly jerseys, though. The section highlights the league’s most thrilling defenses, the hottest QB-WR matchups, the most entertaining touchdown celebrators and the biggest media spectacles in the game.

Should we be among those who venture into the world of fantasy football, the supplement gives the insight into the apps and gadgets to help us keep track of where we stand in our own leagues and how to rise to the top.

Stilll, there is useful information to the uninitiated football-watching gal. There’s a handy primer that details every unit’s role on the field, as well as every position within it. It even gets into basic rules and scoring.

What do you think of the NFL’s attempt to build its female audience?