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10 Best Magazines for Halloween Ideas

HalloweenHalloween is just three days away, and that means it’s crunch time. Here are 10 go-to magazines for the best Halloween ideas on the block.

Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you faster than a mummy in a haunted house. Boo! The big day is almost here and that means it’s time to think up a great dessert to bring to work, throw together a costume and buy some sweet stuff to hand out to the little bell-ringers who will be lining up at your door.

Where do you go for the best ideas of the season? This year, try one of these 10 go-to magazines for tricks and treats that will make it look like you’ve been planning for months (which we all know you haven’t).

Plus, to make things sweeter this season, check out the spooktacular savings we’re offering this season for $5 off these select magazines and more!

Martha Stewart Living

1. Martha Stewart Living - From spider-shaped pancakes to homemade costumes for kids, Martha’s got everything you need for a fun family fall.

Whole Living Magazine

2. Whole Living – In a season full of candy and cookies, this title offers a healthy and delicious approach to the season.

Family Circle Magazine

3. Family Circle - This magazine is loaded with family friendly tips like quick can’t-miss recipes and pumpkin carving ideas that will light up the night.

Food & Wine Magazine

4. Food & Wine - Get a more gourmet take on the season with this title, with chef-approved scrumptious menus for the season and party ideas that will make Halloween a holiday that even adults enjoy.

Everyday Food Magazine

5. Everyday Food - This title also comes from Martha Stewart, and if offers recipes on everything from the best cupcakes to new takes on comfort foods.

Parenting Magazine

6. Parenting - Halloween is a season full of kids, and you won’t want to brave it without the super creative ideas of Parenting magazine.

Midwest Living Magazine

7. Midwest Living - Pretzel sticks that look like ghosts? Butterfly-covered pumpkins? There’s no end to the fun Halloween-inspired things covering the pages of this one.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

8. Better Homes & GardensLet this magazine help you decorate your home to reflect the classy colors of the season.

National Geographic Kids

9. National Geographic Kids - This new title is chok full of facts and fun for kids of all ages. Find a costume idea or quiz yourself on some Halloween trivia to see how much you really know about the holiday.

Taste of Home Magazine

10. Taste of Home - Halloween recipes galore will have you tasting the best flavors of fall.


The 10 Magazines for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The 10 Best Magazines for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The 10 Magazines for a Lazy Sunday AfternoonPut down the phone, flip off the TV, shut the laptop and give yourself some time this afternoon to enjoy your favorite magazines.

There’s no definite end to the emails that need answering and the household chores that need finishing, not to mention the texts, calls and voicemails that fill an average week. But rather than running yourself ragged to prepare for next week, give yourself an hour or two this afternoon to curl up with your favorite magazines and just enjoy the day.

If the thought is incredible but you’re not sure where to begin, we give you the 10 best magazines to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But remember–your enjoyment of these magazines depends on how well you can tune out all those other distractions for a bit. Happy reading!

1. Whole Living - Delicious recipes, skincare ideas, exercises–Whole Living has everything you need to think about pampering yourself for a bit. After a long week, you deserve a little time to focus on yourself, and this is a great place to start.

Whole Living Magazine

2. InStyle - You know this is the magazine you always buy when you’ve got to sit on a plane for a while or travel in the car. It’s packed with great style secrets, details of celeb lives and beautiful accessories to boot.

InStyle Magazine

 3. Fast Company - Though you’re not at work, it’s always nice to entertain that entrepreneurial side of your brain. Read about some of the top companies in the nation, how they got where they are and how they’re forging into the future.

Fast Company Magazine

4. Prevention - Great advice on health and preventative health, from anti-aging tips to the best ways to lose weight. Cozy up to this magazine for some inspiration to make healthy decisions in the coming week.

Prevention Magazine

5. Modern Dog - Perhaps your furry little friend is sitting beside you as you relax; perhaps not. In either case, you can enjoy this glossy that covers everything pertaining to your pet. From great deals on pet products to the best ways to bond with your dog, this one has you covered.

Modern Dog Magazine

6. Wallpaper* - Fill your artistic needs with this high-end magazine that features the best in art, design and culture across the globe.

Wallpaper Magazine

7. Mac Life - Put your feet up and read about what’s new in the Mac world. If you’ve ever referred to yourself as a gadget geek (or secretly relate to the term), this one’s for you!

Mac Life Magazine

8. Martha Stewart Weddings - Even if you’ve already walked down the aisle or you don’t plan to in the near future, it’s always fun to just flip through the pages of a wedding magazine and look at beautiful dresses, diamonds and fun wedding decor.

Martha Stewart Weddings

9. Every Day with Rachael Ray - You’re busy, and Rachael understands that. This magazine is a great go-to for busy cooks who want to strike balance in all areas of home life. Find great recipes, tips and menu planners to help you simplify your busy life.

Every Day with Rachael Ray

 10. GQ - The best in fashion, gadgets and entertainment for young professional men, GQ will make you feel distinguished–even if you are sitting around in your pajamas on a Sunday afternoon.

GQ Magazine


Give Squash a Chance

Give Squash a Chance: Five Ways to Make it Taste Great (Believe Us!)

Butternut Squash Soup from Real Simple

Real Simple's butternut squash soup is a delicious way to eat squash.

Yes, its name is sadly unappetizing, and often the way squash is prepared makes the name seem perfectly suitable. But here are five delicious ways to work the super nutrient food into your diet.

My husband is the perpetual squash-hater. When we were first married I cooked recipes with acorn squash, butternut squash and yellow squash, and while polite and thankful for the food, he just couldn’t get over the texture.

A few years later, I’ve picked up a few skills for getting the vitamin A-, alpha-carotene- and beta-carotene-rich food into our diet — and even getting my husband to enjoy it. Here are some great recipes that have worked for us:

1. Butternut Squash Soup With Sage and Parmesan Croutons from Real Simple Magazine:

This delicious recipe uses the nutty flavor of butternut squash accented with some onion, celery, sage and parmesan to create a delectable bisque that even the pickiest eater can’t turn down. If you’re working with an especially avid squash-hater, you can also add crumbled bacon to add additional flavor.

2. Roasted Vegetables from Whole Living Magazine:

Infuse winter veggies with the flavors of olive oil and any assortment of herbs you like. Roasting with this recipe crispens up the outside of the veggies while making the insides nice and tender and flavorful. The diversity of this recipe allows you to play around with the herbs and spices you enjoy.

3. Summer Squash Pizza from Cooking Light Magazine:

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? With this recipe from Cooking Light, you can get a little zucchini and yellow squash into your meal by including it on a pizza. For those who don’t like the texture of squash, just cut your pieces a little smaller than called for in this recipe. This hides the texture and lets the squash add flavor and nutrients without adding anything else.

4. Summer Squash and Applesauce Muffins from Vegetarian Times Magazine:

Did you know you can even work squash into something as delicious as a muffin? Try this recipe from Vegetarian Times, and you don’t even have to tell anyone you snuck some squash into their snack. If you think about it, it’s not that different than sneaking carrots into carrot cake.

5. Panang Vegetable Curry from Bon Appetit Magazine:

Go gourmet with your squash and enjoy this recipe from Bon Appetit that incorporates the flavors of homemade curry paste, tons of squash and an assortment of herbs. Who ever said squash had to be boring?

With these and other recipes you can start to make squash a staple in your fall and winter diet. For the freshest squash, take a trip to your local farmers market and select from an assortment of just-picked seasonal produce.

Photo by Jim Franco

Can Your Whole Family go Gluten-Free?

Can Your Whole Family go Gluten-Free?

Can Your Whole Family go Gluten-Free?When blogger Kara Gause found that her family needed to go gluten-free, she at first panicked but then found some incredible resources she shares here.

Over the past several years, I’ve come to realize I have quite a few food intolerances, one of them being gluten. Sure, I was more than a little bummed to say sayonara to the convenience of delivery pizza, but these days I’m finding that my dietary needs are more of a small annoyance than a giant inconvenience, thanks to some great gluten-free products. I have only come to say this after much whining, tantrum-throwing, pity partying and–most productive of all–researching.

When my husband and I found out that we both have some of the same food issues (gluten), we decided it might be best to begin avoiding gluten altogether for our daughters, determining that it could be hereditary. Of course this resulted in more whining and tantrum-throwing–mine, not theirs.

Would I become one of those mothers whose children never tasted cupcakes or pizza or yummy sandwiches? Ever? What would become of them? After bemoaning their lost gluten-filled childhood, I became resolute: We would all have our gluten-free cake–and we would eat it, too!

So, whether you’re in my boat or you’re just looking for a nice gluten-free recipe, here are some of my favorite resources for gluten-free cooking, baking and eating. May they help bring you and yours (if gluten-challenged) back to your favorite foods.

“BabyCakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York’s Most Talked-About Bakery” and “BabyCakes Does the Classics.” These books comprise the baking bible to celebratory and everyday gluten-free baked goods. The secret to a moist gluten-free confection is coconut oil, which makes for the most delectable yum-yums you’ll ever eat. There are fantastic recipes for cobblers, donuts, cookies and even my girls’ favorite–carrot cupcakes. Some of these treats are my husband’s favorites of all time.

Pamela’s Products. Miss the everyday ease of grabbing a muffin or whipping up a quick batch of pancakes and waffles for the family? Look no further than the good lady Pamela. There are gluten-free mixes for everything from pancakes to cookies to brownies and pizza dough. She even provides a mean ready-made chocolate chunk cookie for the car ride home from the grocery store.

Gluten-free blogs. Bloggers like the Gluten-Free Goddess are solely responsible for making me excited about cooking and baking again.

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods. Prepared muffins, pizza crusts, loaves of bread (yes, really!) and the best granola you’ll ever eat–all available in a regular grocery store chain as well as Whole Foods. Udi’s means you can once again make a sandwich for lunch. Power to the people!

Local and national chain pizzarias. Gluten-free pizza dough is popping up everywhere. Some aren’t so great (back to the drawing board for you, Mellow Mushroom!), but others like California Pizza Kitchen are making some major strides. The best I’ve ever had is from Nashville-based Pizza Perfect, so check with your favorite local pizza joint, and always remember the supply and demand principle: If enough of us demand it (politely, of course), they will supply it.

For more information on gluten-free recipes, check out magazines like Vegetarian Times, Whole Living and a myriad of other cooking and nutrition magazines.