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HGTV Magazine's October/November 2011 issue

HGTV Magazine’s Premiere Issue Reviewed

HGTV Magazine's October/November 2011 issue

HGTV Magazine debuted with its October/November 2011 issue.

I finally found it–the premiere issue of HGTV Magazine! After searching my favorite local bookstore, a big-box bookstore, a drug store and my neighborhood grocery store, I was beginning to think it didn’t really exist.

But Sunday evening, while picking up a few items at a grocery store that I don’t normally visit, there it was in the checkout line. I grabbed it without even looking at a single page. I knew I wanted to take it home, get dinner out of the way and sit down with the new magazine. There are definitely a few things about it that I love:

  1. It’s bold and bright. The pages are busy, but easy to navigate and uncluttered somehow. There is lots of information packed onto each one, but my brain could still digest it. Even the cover–with a simple couch and several bold pillows — is bright, clean and easy to look at.
  2. Help Wanted department. This section of the magazine answers common questions about home decorating, messes around the house and dealing with neighbors. My favorite feature in this department for the premiere issue is “Leader of the Pack,” a piece in which “HGTV Design Star” judge Vern Yip offers tips for keeping a house full of dogs clean and how he decorated their room. Yep, they have their own room!
  3. Weekending department. When I was growing up, my grandmother started every Saturday with a thorough cleaning of her house. I think the Weekending department should have been dedicated to her. From how often to wash kitchen sponges–and how–to tips for cleaning up leaves in the yard, this department will help get those little household projects knocked out quickly.

The one thing I found myself wanting from this magazine was a pattern of some sort. There were lots and lots of “you can do this!” tips for your home in HGTV Magazine, but I found myself wanting to be able to re-create a pillow from the cover or the window valances from the article “100% Improved.” Sure, I can get patterns for those online or at my favorite local fabric store; I just half expected HGTV Magazine to put that right into my hands.

It didn’t, but I’d still give this new magazine a “thumbs up” for those of you who are into reading about home decor and renovations. Two thumbs up if you actually dive in and do those things!