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5 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day–Family Style

Valentines Day IdeasWant to include the whole family in your Valentine’s Day plans? Here are five sweet and simple ways to enjoy the evening with everyone you love.

Parenting School Years magazine is asking parents to give up the Valentine’s Day date night and hang out with the kids at home instead.

The upside, says the magazine, entails far more than not having to find and pay for a sitter: some good old-fashioned family fun and bonding. Oh, and ladies, two words: no heels.

Here are the parenting magazine’s five tips for celebrating Love Day with the whole gang:

1. Deck the Halls in Color: Go all out for the kids (and your sweetheart) by decorating the dining room with streamers and hearts in all shades of red, pink and white. If you’re feeling really daring, you could always go for some super cute temporary heart tattoos from Tattoofun.com (see image below).

2. Seek Love and You Will Find…: Hide confection paper hearts all over the house for the kids to find. Whoever finds the most hearts gets to cash in on a special holiday prize.

MomTattoo.jpg3. Design a Heart-y Menu: Are you serving pizza, or is that “a Slice of Heaven”? A root beer float for dessert? Nah. You’re slurping on an “In the Clouds.”

4. Romance Hollywood-Style: You’ve had dinner; now it’s time for the movie. Break out the pillows and blankets, and snuggle in for a family classic like “A Charlie Brown Valentine” or “Lady and the Tramp.” So sweet.

5. “I Love You Because…”:
Take the time to have everyone go around the dinner table and share five reasons why they love each family member. It’s okay to cheat and help the little ones write their love notes out before the big reveal.

Who knows? You might get some more appreciation the other 364 days of the year. If not, well, better soak up enough lovin’ to last till next Valentine’s Day!