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Coastal Living Magazine Helps You Plan a Day at the Beach—or Brings It to Your Door

Coastal Living magazine October 2012Daydreaming of a day at the beach? Subscribe to Coastal Living to plan a weekend retreat or at least bring the sights, sounds and tastes of a relaxing getaway into your home.

That slight chill in the air hinting the cooler winds of winter are ahead may make you think the beach is the last place you’d want to be.

But before the temperatures drop too low, an escape to the coast is pretty peaceful about this time of year, you know, when the masses of summer vacationers have returned home.

If a trip isn’t in the cards, there’s always the next best thing—a subscription to Coastal Living magazine, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this summer.

Every bimonthly issue takes you inside coastal homes and retreats from sea to shining sea, then shares makeover tips and decorating advice to bring a little of that sun-kissed vibe into your own space.

With that easy, breezy weather for which most coasts are known, it’s no surprise that there’s a focus on outdoor spaces, like grilling areas or patios.

Maybe you’re landlocked and want to make the most of your coastal getaway. Travel tips and recommendations abound in each issue as well, for destinations ranging from Kennebunkport, Maine, New Orleans, Louisiana, Santa Monica, California, and, for the really adventurous, Brazil, South America.

All you need to know is covered—from where to stay and where to dine, to where to shop, where to tee off and where your furry friend will be welcomed. Not to mention the many ways to channel the coastal lifestyle in fashion, skin care, fragrance and more.

Whether you live on the coast or inland, Coastal Living’s recipes and entertaining advice will help you capture that relaxed state of mind so often associated with sticking our toes in the sand.

If you’re lucky enough to call a coast home, that could mean incorporating fresh catches into your meal as a way to eat local. Or it could mean creating a beach-inspired tablescape as a reminder of a summer vacation.

In short, Coastal Living can help you plan a trip to the coast or make you feel like you’ve been there.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by our customers, Coastal Living subscriptions are offered at our everyday low price of $10 for one year and $20 for two years of issues.