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Pinterest Wedding Trends

This Summer’s Hottest Pinterest Wedding Trends

Pinterest Wedding Trends

Photo by Michael Miles Photography

Pinterest is where it’s at when it comes to wedding ideas. So whether you’re planning ahead or just about to walk down that aisle, here are 10 summer wedding trends popping up on Pinterest.

Have you succumbed to the all-too-addictive social media platform that is Pinterest? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Pinterest is a relatively new and highly interactive website that allows users to grab photos they like from the Internet and “pin” them to “boards” on their Pinterest page.

Pinterest users can also “repin” photos from their friends’ pages. In the end, what you have is one beautiful space in which you can organize things like “Home Decor,” “Must-Try Recipes” and “My Dream Wedding” all in one spot. Who wouldn’t get addicted to that?

More than anything, Pinterest has absolutely revolutionized the way brides plan and carry out their weddings. In an April 2012 article on USAToday.com, the newspaper cited Brides magazine Editor in Chief Anne Fulenwider as saying of the site, “It’s changing the industry,” adding that in the past few months the site “exploded and really changed the conversation.” The magazine had 55 boards of their own at the time of the interview, and one — “Couture-inspired wedding gowns” — had more than 10,000 followers.

That said, here are the Top 10 summer wedding trends we’re spotting on Pinterest for summer 2012. You can check out our Pinterest board for examples of each trend.

1. Bold Banners: Create a personalized “Just Married” banner to hold in photographs or adorn the back of your getaway car. Or, simply stitch together a simple but colorful banner to decorate your cake table or the head table at your reception.

2. Outdoor Venues: With the more vintage style taking over the wedding world, a beautiful outdoor venue makes for the perfect locale for your ceremony or reception. Get a bit of the Americana feel by saying your nuptial vows in a field or in a pittoresque old barn.

3. The Perfect Patchwork: Quilts have surely made a comeback. Use the patchwork beauties for extra seating in an outdoor venue, tablecloths or even hanging decorations.

4. Chalkboards: These are becoming increasingly popular since you can use them to send a personal message, label drinks or desserts, creatively display your wedding date or stage great photos in a photo booth.

5. Vests, Suspenders and Bow Ties: The traditional ties are taking a backseat this year as more grooms opt to have their groomsmen look dapper in vests, suspenders and bow ties — sometimes even choosing different colors for each groomsman.

6. Mismatched Maids: Unlike in the past, your bridesmaids don’t have to wear the same dress. In fact, they don’t even have to be wearing the same color. For a fun splash of summer color, let your maids choose their own sundress and just make sure they work together toward your overall theme.

7. Light or Khaki suits: If you go with the trend of an outdoor wedding, skip the tuxedos and let the fathers of the bride and groom wear light khaki suits to complement the summer ambiance. Pair these suits with a white shirt and gray or silver tie for a clean-cut, fatherly summer look.

8. The Program Fan: Not sure how hot your wedding will be? If you’re thinking of hosting it outside, create a program that doubles as a fan and gives your guests a little something extra to help keep cool.

9. Vintage Flair: Stage cake tables, guest tables and food tables with vintage pieces like old books, teacups, Ball jars and wildflowers. You can even work antique furniture into your decor by using old dresser drawers to hold dishes and cutlery.

10. Colors, Colors, Colors: More than anything, Pinterest-inspired weddings this season are full of fun colors, incorporating anything from wildflowers to sundresses to colorful shoes and mismatched dishes. You don’t have to stick with a two-color wedding scheme when there are so many choices!