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Which Magazine is Perfect for Your Fitness Goals?

Running FeetWhile we all know how easy it is to put personal health on the backburner for more immediate matters like work demands and family dinners, paying poor attention to your health will eventually catch up to you. Thankfully, getting back in shape does not have to be overwhelming or too time-consuming. Rather than reinventing the wheel in your attempts to go from flab to fit, make sure that you are educated on tried-and-true tips that will get you on the path to looking great and feeling better! Do you know about three of the best fitness magazines for your health?

As the name implies, Shape Magazine is an ideal magazine for women who want to get – and stay – in shape. Their articles are full of advice on everything from quick exercises that will help you get the body that you have always wanted to motivational stories about women who successfully made their health a priority. If you want advice on how to look and feel fantastic, then Shape Magazine might become your new best fitness friend!

First For Women Magazine focuses on living a well-rounded life – a goal that is easier said than done. How often do you sacrifice exercise for the sake of running errands? While errands are an unavoidable part of life, skipping activities that promote your health will compromise your well-being over time and can leave you feeling too tired to finish everything on your to-do list. This read is for those of us who often put our health and exercise needs behind life’s other demands. First For Women Magazine will help you balance your life between family time and “me” time and even leave some room for relaxation.

Health Magazine takes a holistic approach toward fitness. By addressing topics like food, relationships, and fashion in additional to tidbits about exercise, Health Magazine is perfect for the woman who wants to make her life healthier in every aspect. From recipes that promote well-being to tips on how to look younger, Health Magazine is the title of choice for many women.

Summer is the season of bathing suits, warm weather that allows for more outside workouts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep your health on your mind during the rest of the summer!

Wedding Rings_featured

The 10 Best Magazines for Planning Your Wedding and Happily Ever After

There’s no end to the details that go into planning your wedding and your happily ever after, but here are ten magazines to help get you started.

So much planning goes into your big day—not to mention all the days that come after—that it would be difficult to turn to just one source and expect it to cover every last detail of walking down the aisle and into wedded bliss.

But with a magazine for nearly every subject, these ten can help you address everything from the dress, the hair and the makeup, to the registry, the honeymoon and the happily ever after.

Brides: Once you’ve found Prince Charming, you’ll have to find the perfect dress, and each issue is packed with ideas for what to wear—plus tips from head to toe.

InStyle: Popular for its accessible fashion advice, this magazine is a go-to for hair, makeup and skin care tips to help enhance your beauty on your big day—and your style on your honeymoon.

Shape: Look your best from the inside out on your wedding day with diet and exercise regimens that help get you in shape the healthy way.

Martha Stewart Living: Crafty brides will find plenty of tips on adding seasonal touches to their ceremonies from the domestic diva herself.

Sunset: Incorporate some hometown flair from your or your hubby-to-be’s roots in anything from your décor to your menu with the appropriate regional magazine.

Food & Wine: Find inspiration for the reception menu, tasty cakes, cocktail hour drinks and appetizers, or wine pairing suggestions here.

Consumer Reports: Get the most out of your wedding registry by placing items that make the grade, according to this trusted magazine, on your list.

National Geographic Traveler: From the honeymoon to all those anniversaries, enjoy every trip with this title’s in-depth—and essential—insider information.

Cooking Light: Take care of each other—and even drop that honeymoon weight—by preparing the lighter, healthier recipes (including some vegetarian dishes) in each issue.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Whether you’re combining accounts or making joint investments, this magazine provides common-sense advice on a wealth of financial topics.

Shape magazine March 2012

Kate Walsh Bares Her Perfect Bod for Shape

Shape Magazine March 2012Actress Kate Walsh sheds her clothes and some light on how she stays so incredibly fit in the March issue of Shape magazine.

Here’s hoping 40 really is the new 30. If so, then actress Kate Walsh is giving us all a lot to look forward to. The 44-year-old “Private Practice” star is channeling Jennifer Aniston’s 2008 GQ cover, posing nude on the March cover of Shape magazine. So why nude now? The redhead hottie explains in the interview, “Right now, I feel really healthy, confident and sexy. I’m enjoying my 40s and wanted to share that.”

Could it be some sort of mid-life crisis? Walsh laughs that notion off, saying, “I do drive a Porsche, so maybe it is!”

All joking aside, Walsh’s incredible physique comes to her naturally–not by “the knife.” Working in Hollywood makes plastic surgery readily available, but Walsh says it’s just not for her. “We live in a strange time when getting plastic surgery is as common as dyeing your hair,” the beauty points out. “But in my profession, I need a malleable face.”

Not that she’s judging her colleagues for getting a little work done here or there. She says, “Everyone has her line in the sand. I draw mine at facials and laser treatments. But if others want to go a step further, it’s their call.”

Besides, she’s been working hard on the inside, too, having finally quit smoking for good in 2009. Still, Walsh is not so proud that she won’t admit to missing her “addiction.” She says,  “I’ll admit it, I used to love smoking. But from a health perspective, it’s a no-brainer. I lost my father to lung cancer when I was 22. When I stopped, everyone told me it would be great and that I would feel amazing, but I didn’t. I missed it.”

Quitting smoking may be an obvious way to improve your health, but Walsh dished out some of her other secrets for keeping her body fit and healthy in this issue of the magazine that truly inspires her. The reason? Because Shape “is about loving yourself inside and out.”

To be fair, though, that has to be easier for Walsh, given the reflection she sees in the mirror. What an inspiration!

Shape magazine February 2012 cover

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Workout Built for Two

Shape magazine February 2012 coverIf you want to get outside and burn calories while feeling close to your significant other, Shape magazine has just the workout for you.

Imagine, you’re looking into your husband’s eyes. Your hearts are pounding. Sweat is dripping down his chest. Adrenaline is rushing through you. No, ladies, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about working out together.

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Shape magazine designed a workout that’s built specifically for two. This flirty and fun workout takes less than a half hour and targets your whole body.  A couple of the moves look fairly easy, like the side shuffle and the power punch. Others, however–like the partner press and pull together–look a bit more challenging.

I think my personal favorite is the rescue me, a move that works your back, core, arms and shoulders. It looks a little bit like a one-on-one game of tug of war, and it works like this: While sitting facing each other with knees bent and feet touching, each person holds the end of a towel. You start by lying on your back and then pulling yourself up, hand over hand, until you’re sitting up straight again. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch.

My husband and I aren’t big believers in Valentine’s Day. We can get chocolate any time of the year. The prices for roses are inflated way too high in February. And he thinks it’s a holiday the card companies invented just to make money. But together, we’re taking our health and fitness much more seriously these days. This 20-minute strengthener will be a great addition to our Valentine’s Day evening.

Shape Magazine November 2011 cover

4 Tips for Safely Handling Leftovers

Shape Magazine November 2011

Shape magazine

Could storing and reheating leftovers be detrimental to your health? Shape magazine gives the scoop.

My Great Aunt Grace whips up a mean homemade banana pudding. When we get together for a family meal, whether on a special occasion or a simple Sunday afternoon, I’m not sure she’d be allowed in the door without the pudding in hand.

Thankfully, she makes plenty. So much so that there is usually enough for a few of us to take a bowlful home for later. But could a leftover bowl of pudding make me sick? I shudder to think …

No one wants to be down for the count with an upset stomach brought on by foodborne illness. Now that we’re through the holidays, I remember an article I read in the November issue of Shape magazine that had our health in mind. Now it has me wondering if it’s safe to eat leftovers like Aunt Grace’s banana pudding. According to Shape, eating leftovers is safe–as long as we follow four simple steps.

Suzanne Driessen, food safety educator with the University of Minnesota Extension, suggested the following to the readers of Shape:

  1. Food should go from stove to fridge in no more than two hours–and that totally includes the 45 minutes that it sits on the table. Any more than two hours and you risk bacterial growth.
  2. Chill leftovers quickly. To do so, store them in shallow dishes and make sure there is plenty of room between containers for cold air to circulate.
  3. Think days, not weeks. Driessen says foods like stuffing and gravy should be tossed out or frozen within two days. Meat, poultry and other sides within four.
  4. Reheat thoroughly. Leftovers meant to be eaten warm should be heated to 165 degrees.

And Grace’s leftover banana pudding should be eaten before anyone else knows you have it in the house. It’s just safer that way.

Shape magazine's December 2011 issue

How to Work Out Like a Radio City Rockette

Shape magazine's December 2011 issue

Shape magazine's December 2011 issue

Shape magazine shares a high-kicking workout routine for wanna-be Rockettes, like blogger Summer Huggins.

In a previous life, I was a dancer. Well, it was during this life, but it seems like it was 100 years ago. I started with lessons when I was 6 years old, and my first two years of college were paid for partially on a dance scholarship. I had mastered marching with my chin up, the application of perfect red lipstick and kicking the brim of my hat during a halftime high-kick routine. I should have been a Radio City Rockette!

The Radio City Rockettes dance company performs up to six shows a day from November to January. Six a day! And, according to the December issue of Shape magazine, they practice up to 36 hours a week during the off-season. And that practice includes much more than just dancing. Their workouts include moves that will help prevent injury and build endurance–definitely needed when six performances a day are on the schedule. Melinda Farrell, a Rockette since 2002 and assistant choreographer for the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular, used the troupe’s workouts to design one for Shape subscribers.

From the glutes to the calves and everything in between, Farrell’s plan is designed to be completed three times a week. If you don’t know what dance terms like “eleve” and “tendue” mean, don’t worry–the descriptions and full-color illustrations of each move will guide you through each step of the plan.

Of course there are high kicks in the workout! But you don’t have to worry about kicking the brim of your hat. Eye-high kicks are what the Rockettes aim for. I may never kick the brim of my hat again, but this workout has me trying.