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Red Tag Sale Magazine Subscriptions

5 Magazines to Get You Ready for Fall—With Red Tag Savings Up to 90% Off

Red Tag Sale Magazine SubscriptionsWe’re still enjoying summer, but these five magazines have us looking forward to fall, too! These magazine deals (and more) are available at red tag savings of up to 90 percent off for a limited time!

As summer begins to slowly slip away, it’s time to get back into that familiar fall routine. That can mean everything from chauffeuring kids to school and extra-curricular activities or hunkering down for the start of football season.

In any case, those more leisurely—and, yes, hotter—days will soon be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the cooler temps of fall usher in anything mundane. Subscribe to one of these five magazines—with red tag savings of up to 90% off for a limited time—to get you excited for the new season.

Sports Illustrated: Fall means football, college, professional and fantasy. If you can’t get enough of the pigskin on the weekend, this magazine will help feed your craving the rest of the week with the latest headlines, rumors, and start ‘em, sit ‘em advice for your fantasy leagues.

Time: If you’ve unplugged from the rest of the world (or at least tried), this newsweekly can catch you back up to speed. Delve deeper into the latest social, economic, political and cultural issues at home and around the globe. Bonus: It may come in handy for older kids’ homework assignments.

Entertainment Weekly: A family getaway may be impossible with the kids back in school, but a little indulgence like a family night or date night at the movies might be just the thing needed to recharge your batteries. Get advice for the must-see flicks on the big screen from this magazine.

Cooking Light: Whether you’re trying to keep your diet on track or want to start making healthier choices, this magazine shares how to make over your favorite foods with less fat and fewer calories without sacrificing taste. Bonus: Keep it light now, and you can afford a few more treats during the holidays.

TV Guide: Most of your favorite shows return with new episodes this fall, and you’ll want to make plans to watch—or at least set the DVR to record them. Unless you’re trying to cut back on your TV watching, this weekly insider into the hottest shows may even help you add new ones to your schedule.

Red Tag Sale Magazine Subscriptions

7 Magazines to Curl Up With This Summer Featuring Savings Up to 90% Off

Magazines.com Red Tag SaleWant to take it easier this summer? If so, we recommend curling up with these seven magazines. Right now, save up to 90% on these and other popular titles in our red tag sale!

OK, so unless you’re a teacher, independently wealthy or somehow living the dream, you probably don’t get summers off.

And, be honest, you’re probably feeling a twinge of jealousy at your (or other) children now that their carefree days will soon be upon them.

While we haven’t quite figured out a way your days can be as carefree as theirs, we can at least offer a means of relaxation and entertainment. (But it will be up to those kids how many uninterrupted hours of that you get.)

Maybe it seems ironic that we’re suggesting the best magazines to curl up with this summer—titles that boast impressive long-form journalism—when probably once upon a time you were pretty adamant about celebrating a break from books. (Except for those of us who never took a break from them.)

Basically, if you appreciate good reading and good writing, these seven magazines are just what you’re looking for—and for a limited time, they’re on sale at up to 90 percent off during our Red Tag Sale.

1. Time: How do the latest headlines affect you? Find out in this newsweekly featuring in-depth reads on multiple subjects, like politics, business, foreign affairs, technology, social issues and more.

2. Popular Science: Feed your curiosity about how the world around you works by reading the mix of short and long pieces covering the latest trends in this science and technology magazine.

3. Sports Illustrated: More than just stats and scores, SI features a thought-provoking examination of the hottest developments in the world of sports, ranging from rumors, scandal, tragedy and triumph.

4. Rolling Stone: Sure, this iconic magazine is a must for music lovers, but fans of great writing will be just as interested in the political, social and cultural coverage that’s a hallmark of every issue.

5. Esquire: Billed as a magazine for men, the content covers style advice, workplace tips, political commentary, relationship pointers and other smart editorial.

6. New York Magazine: The American Society of Magazine Editor’s pick for Magazine of the Year, this one examines a range of sophisticated topics of interest inside—and outside—the Big Apple.

7. Smithsonian: Published by the namesake museum, this magazine illuminates subjects of historical significance and modern innovation in well-written features and eye-catching photography.



Pre-Season Red-Tag Sale Helps You Make Your Magazine Holiday Gift List

Dreading the hassle of holiday shopping? Our Pre-Season Red-Tag Sale makes it easier than ever. Plus we’ve already made your gift list; it’s up to you to check it twice.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? More than likely, you’re planning and prepping for your Thanksgiving meal, which is just a few short weeks away. But right on the heels of that tasty task comes the countdown to Christmas.

Whether you don’t think you’ve got time to squeeze one (or several) shopping trips into your busy schedule or, let’s be honest, you can’t stand the crowds, Magazines.com is here to help. We’ve got thousands of gift choices ranging from magazines to books and movies to music and more.

But to help you kick off that holiday shopping spree, we’re offering a selection of some of our most popular titles with prices up to 90 percent off. To give you a preview of what’s on sale, here’s a gift guide broken down by the type of recipients who might be on your ‘nice’ list.

For the Fashionista

From impeccably stylish finds to tips for appearing effortlessly beautiful, the fashion lover on your list will find everything she needs to feel confident from head to toe in magazines like Marie Claire, Redbook and Cosmopolitan.

For the Entertainment Junkie

Whether it’s on the big screen in the theater or the flat screen at home, the movie and TV lover needs to know what’s hot, what’s not, what’s next and when to set the DVR, and Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide will make ideal gifts.

For the News Buff

Know an avid consumer of the latest headlines? There’s plenty of magazines to suit his or her taste. Time magazine is an economic and political catch-all. Popular Science is perfect for the science and technology lover. And ESPN The Magazine covers the latest in sports.

For the (Healthy) Chef

Tis the season to be indulgent, but some culinary enthusiasts prefer to keep it light year round. Both Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times can help ensure that anything from an entrée to a dessert maintains its great taste—even while making it healthier.

For the Outdoorsman (or Woman)

This group loves the great outdoors, and there’s a magazine for just about any category. Field & Stream is a must for the hunter and fisher. No car aficionado should be without Motor Trend or Car and Driver. And the really creative types will appreciate Outdoor Photographer.

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Christmas in July Red Tag Sale: Magazine-Inspired Guide for Your Holiday Wish List

Take your mind off the hotter temps by thinking about the cooler Christmas season. Plus with these deals on some of our best magazines, you can plan those wish lists early.

Though the weather outside is frightfully warm, we’re in a cooler state of mind—and we’re passing that along to our customers through our Christmas in July Red Tag Sale! Right now we’re offering hot savings of up to 90 percent off on select magazine subscriptions.

Think the holidays are too far away? Think again! It’s never too early to start filling out your wish lists. Not sure where to begin? Turn to these titles featured in our Christmas in July Sale, based on what you want, to get a head start on dropping hints about what you’d like to see under the tree.

You Want to Be More Fashionable: What fashion-forward gal doesn’t want the scoop on the latest trends, hairstyles and beauty tips? With a monthly dose of style in InStyle magazine—just $26 for a two-year subscription—describing those boots you’ve just got to have has never been easier.

You Want to Be More Hip: Stay on top of the hottest music—from up-and-coming bands to must-see music festivals with Rolling Stone magazine. Get one year of issues for only $19.95 and you just may get your favorite musician’s latest anthology or tickets to the concert of the year under the tree.

You Want to Travel More: Get some help crossing off destinations on your bucket list here or abroad. With Travel + Leisure magazine just $29.95 for two years, you’ll be able to plan the perfect getaway for less, hint at any special travel necessities and help make any monetary gift contributions go further.

You Want to Be More Healthy: Vowing to exercise and diet in the new year is a common—and commonly-broken—resolution we make to ourselves. Perhaps new kitchen tools and cookware will inspire you—or maybe just two years of Cooking Light magazine at $24 will do the trick.

You Want to Be a Better Photographer: Want to improve your work behind the lens? Learn how to take better landscape, wildlife and action shots with one year of tips from Outdoor Photographer magazine for $10.98—and find out what equipment you’ll need to ask for to make it happen.