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Fashion Trends for a Stylish Spring/Summer Look in 2016


You don’t have to be a celebrity like Ariana Grande, Ciara, Sienna Miller, Kerry Washington or even the Duchess of Cambridge to rock it in the latest trends this spring and summer. With designers at all price points taking cues from Fashion Week Spring 2016, there are affordable and fashionable looks out there — you just need to know what you’re searching for!


Colors of the Spring/Summer Fashion Trends


The PANTONE® Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016 points to “colors that transport us to a happier, sunnier place, where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the PANTONE Color Institute.

These colors for both men and women include (from left) rose quartz, peach echo, serenity, snorkel blue, buttercup, limpet shell, lilac gray, fiesta, iced coffee and green flash. (See the website for the PANTONE numbers.)


Highlights of the Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Flirty Slip Dresses

Slinky slip dresses are the ticket this spring, according to Marie Claire magazine. This sexy look incorporates underwear/lingerie as outerwear. Gotta love the comfort of silk and satin!

Large Plaids

Elle magazine points to “blown-out plaid” as a hot look this season. So, look for the checked prints, ladies!

Off the Shoulder

Another trendy fashion involves showing a little skin, reports Vogue magazine. Baring your shoulders, that is. Off-the-shoulder styles and cool cut outs rule this season.


Ruffles are a key detail trend this spring and summer. Glamour magazine shares that “This season’s ruffles are subtle, romantic and feminine.”

High Shine Fabrics

Think shiny, shimmery metallic, ladies. This goes for accessories, too. Sequins and any shiny material makes a high-impact piece out of a simple garment, according to Vogue magazine.


A flashback to the ’70s, suede is a hot look this season. The soft, delicate fabric is now season-less, much like leather the last few years, according to InStyle magazine.

Super Stripes

“The stripe is oh so right” this season, says Marie Claire magazine. And, we’re not talking thin, subtle stripes. It’s all about broad bands of color in bright tones.


The big trends in denim, says Vogue magazine, are printed denim, the long skirt, patchwork denim, feminine looks and the ’90s skater jean. Cropped flare jeans are also hot.

Big Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are back. Or, Old English sleeves as Harper’s Bazaar refers to them. The popular styles include bubble sleeves, bell sleeves and balloon sleeves. Quite a way to make a statement!

Other women’s fashion trends for this season include:

  • Spanish Influence
  • Victorian/Romantic
  • White Blouses
  • Pleats
  • Oversize Floral Prints
  • Fringe
  • Complicated Patterns/Mixed Prints
  • Maxiskirts and Dresses
  • Boldly Colored Actif-Sportif Outfits


Don’t Forget Your Man!

Johnny Mannah points to these men’s spring/summer fashion trends in his article on The Trend Spotter website.

  • Overalls
  • White Chinos/Trousers
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Fifties Shirts
  • Shorter Shorts

Utilitarian and monochromatic looks are also hot for men this season.


Resources for the Latest Fashion Trends

These fashion magazines will help you keep up with the hottest styles throughout the year. Simply click on the cover to learn more or subscribe!


fashion trends-instyle-magazine-1                    fashion trends-harpers-bazaar-magazine-1

InStyle                                                                        Harper’s BAZAAR


fashion trends-glamour-magazine-1                    fashion trends-vanidades-magazine-1

Glamour                                                                    Vanidades


fashion trends-vogue-magazine-1                    fashion trends-people-stylewatch-magazine-1

Vogue                                                                     People StyleWatch


Let the shopping begin … or, continue!


People Magazine Celebrity Magazine Covers Love Valentines Day Romance Magazine Subscription Discount Deal Extra 10 Dollars Off 1 Year Subscription Print Digital

Our Favorite Romantic PEOPLE Magazine Covers (Plus a Subscription Deal to Love)

People Magazine Romantic Magazine Covers Celebrities Magazine Subscription Discount Deal Extra 10 Dollars 1 Year Subscription Print DigitalWe’re falling for some of PEOPLE magazine’s most romantic magazine covers today, as well as the subscription deal that can help you keep up with all those blushing brides and handsome grooms!

Love is in the air today on Valentine’s Day, and there’s certainly no shortage of the agony and ecstasy of it on celebrity magazine covers pretty much every day.

So many headlines focus on breakups, makeups, engagements (broken and otherwise), marriages, and divorces.

If you want to keep up on all the ever-changing relationship statuses of your favorite celebrities, sign up for a 1-year PEOPLE magazine subscription and save an extra $10 through today. This deal includes print issues, as well as immediate digital access.

In the spirit of this day devoted to the celebration of love, we’re going to highlight our favorite romantic PEOPLE magazine covers. Get ready to fall head over heels for these:

The Royal Wedding, May 16, 2011: We all love a good fairy tale, and the courtship and marriage of William and Katherine had the makings of a modern-day one. This special collector’s issue cover captured the beauty and bliss of their big day.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth, April 18, 2011: The second time down the aisle appears to be a charm for actress Reese Witherspoon. She stunned in the role of blushing bride during her California wedding to talent agent Jim Toth.

Beyonce & Jay-Z, April 21, 2008: This super-musical couple tied the knot in a super-secret New York City affair. Of course, Beyonce—the celebrity magazine’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” honoree in 2012—lived up to that coveted title.

Trista & Ryan Sutter, December 22, 2003: In proof that sometimes love can be found on a reality show, the star of the first season of “The Bachelorette” found happiness at the end of her journey. She and firefighter Ryan Sutter wed in California in a televised ceremony—what else!


Does People Magazine Feature an “Old and Haggard” Jennifer Lopez on Latest Cover?

Jennifer Lopez "Old" People Magazine CoverYoung and youthful, or old and haggard? You be the judge on how Jennifer Lopez looks on the latest cover of People magazine—because neither she nor her team can decide.

Talk about pressure. On the one hand, don’t plan on aging or having kids—at least don’t appear to have done either—if you’re among the Hollywood set.

But if for some reason, you slip out of that glamorous, made-up persona and end up on, say, People magazine’s latest issue, either a.) blame it on a poor photo or b.) gush about how great your life is—even despite that whole getting older thing.

It’s not exactly clear which route Jennifer Lopez and her team are taking after she appeared “old and haggard” on the cover of the January 16 issue of People magazine. Some reports say J. Lo is unhappy, some say it’s her people, but the “official” word is that her team is thrilled with the way the 43-year-old is portrayed.

Granted, it is quite a departure from the ultra-glamorous look she just rocked at the Golden Globes, but us regular people don’t mind seeing a superstar look like, well, a regular person. Many a commenter on many a message board praised her more natural look, and just as many said they believed she looked even more beautiful.

But there are hints that there was more to the singer’s appearance on the weekly gossip magazine than just giving us regular people a glimpse into her fantastic life.

With impeccable timing, the former American Idol judge graces the cover of the magazine on the day the reality music competition airs, featuring Mariah Carey as part of the new panel, and that is hardly “by accident,” according to one of her former team members.

It was believed to be scheduled to upstage Carey just as she was making her American Idol debut, but it’s anyone’s guess whether they considered the move successful or not.


How People Magazine Saved My Life (A Breast Cancer Survivor Story)

How People Magazine Saved My Life (A Breast Cancer Survivor Story)

How People Magazine Saved My Life (A Breast Cancer Survivor Story)A breast cancer survivor shares her story of hope, a hard-fought battle and how a People magazine cover story saved her life.

Four years ago, I was standing in line at the grocery store when the cover story of People magazine jumped out at me: Christina Applegate, breast cancer at 36. “What?” I thought. “She’s only 36! I’m 36!”

I’d always been very good about self breast checks and yearly visits to my gynecologist. But at that point in my life, I’d had an incredibly stressful year. I’d dropped the ball on self breast checks. So that day, because of that headline, I checked. And I found a lump. It was ovular, hard, painless and immobile.

I had invasive ductal carcinoma. It’s an aggressive and common form of breast cancer. To say that I was terrified is an understatement. I have children! Would I see them grow up? How was I going to juggle my life as a single mother while battling breast cancer? Would I even have the opportunity to?

I elected to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. Choosing to have your breasts removed is such an excruciating decision, but because I was so young, my chance of reoccurrence was 37 percent. I’d always be looking over my shoulder; I’d always be scared. Reconstruction these days is quite remarkable. It’s a painful process—I won’t sugar coat it—but it’s definitely worth it!

Because my tumor was feeding on estrogen, I was put on Zoladex injections to remove all estrogen from my body. This treatment is sometimes called “chemical chemo,” and there are unpleasant side effects from it. But it kept me safe and I made it through that just like I did the surgeries.

There were people in my life who encouraged me every step of the way, even when I was really down. It is essential to have a support system when you go through something of this significance. It affects your body, emotions, mind, self-esteem, finances, energy level, etc. When I needed help, I asked for it (most of the time). There are truly amazing people out there with such kind hearts who want to help.

The doctors, my support system and hope are what got me through it. Four years later, I’m cancer-free. When I look back on the experience, I can say that I’m much stronger than I could’ve imagined, I’m eternally grateful to those who were there for me along the way, and that headline saved my life.

I might have waited another year before giving myself a breast check or going to the doctor. Had that happened, with the form of breast cancer I had, there is a very good chance it would have spread and I might not be here to tell my story or raise my children.

So thank you, Christina Applegate. I’ve always wanted to thank you and haven’t ever figured out a way. Your experience certainly saved my life, and it spared my children from losing their mother.

For those of you reading this who are currently battling breast cancer, have faith. I know it’s hard! Fight hard! Please ask for support and accept that support. We all need each other at some point or another, and right now is your time!

For those of you who love someone who is battling breast cancer, show your love and support in every way you can. Encourage your loved one, especially when they’re down. Ask them what they need, because sometimes we don’t want to ask or be a burden. Most of all, be there with lots of unconditional love and hugs.

And for all of you women out there reading this: Always, always, always check those breasts—and fight like a girl!

People Cover Homepage 1

Tired of the Same Old Book Club? Try Magazine Club!

People Magazine CoverMagazines.com intern Jenny Patterson prefers magazines to books. So much so that when invited to join a book club, she took the plunge–and her love for magazines with her.

I’m not a big “reader.”  I like books, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more of a magazine girl. Who doesn’t appreciate timely stories with pretty glossy photos? So when I was invited to be part of a book club, I thought I would change the parameters a bit and bring new life to our discussions.

A friend of mine wanted to start a book club and asked me to be a part of it. She thought I would enjoy it and would get along well with the other invited ladies, which was correct. I looked forward to meeting our new co-readers, but realized after two books in that I was losing the battle of actually reading our assigned book.

I seemed to be a really good starter and then would never make it past halfway.  I started to be the joke of the group; always attending but never contributing.

We are all busy so I couldn’t use that as an excuse. I just couldn’t get into the reading routine with a variety of other things I would rather spend my time on. I noticed I never missed my weekly issue of People magazine and thought that I would rather talk about a month’s worth of People issues than another book.

When asked if I had actually read our third book or if I would need a synopsis, I had hit my limit. I suggested for my month’s assignment we would read a month’s worth of People magazine and discuss our thoughts.  Some laughter broke out, but it was my pick and they had to go with it.

Next month we met and it was one of the best discussions we had ever had. Not only did we get to discuss when we all thought Brad was finally going to pop the question to Angelina, but about the Heroes Among Us stories that tugged at our hearts, or who tried the recipes and if we should add it to our dinner rotations.

I have sadly moved away from my first book club, but I am proud to report that they have kept the People magazine month tradition up. In the meantime, I have started my magazine club here in Nashville with great success where we pick a different magazine each month. So if you are looking to spice up your reading routine, be brave and suggest to your fellow readers to make a change in the rotation.

Want to change up your reading rotation? Check out our latest deals on People magazine!

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the BeachYou’re ready to soak up some sun this summer, but don’t hit the sand without these bright magazines safely stowed in your beach bag. 

How long have you been waiting for this summer vacation? You’ve got your spf, your sunglasses, your suit and a giant beach towel. Now all you need are some great summer reads. To help stock your beach bag this summer, we’re listing out the 10 best magazines to take to the beach this year.

For Her:

People: Who doesn’t love a little celebrity gossip while soaking up some rays? Sometimes we all need a little mental break to sit and enjoy our guilty pleasure magazine, and People is it.

Coastal Living: For once you can stare at those beautiful oceanscapes on the page and then look beyond the page to see the real thing in the background. Enjoy the magazine, and when that pang of “Oh I want to be there!” kicks in, just set the magazine down and voila!

Dwell: Totally focused on modern home design both inside and out, Dwell magazine is a great read with beautiful graphic design, and it just seems to speak to that creative side, which you actually have time to nurture while on vacay.

Sunset: Sunset magazine will help you drift peacefully into your tropical paradise. Devoted to everything West Coast, this magazine will add a splash of summer with great tips on everything from green living to food, wine and entertaining.

Health: It’s the best way to catch up on how to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, all things that just make sense when you’re at the beach with a little time to scheme about the future.

For Him:

Wired: You finally have a chance to sit down and enjoy an entertaining read, and Wired is chock-full of enough new gadgets, inventions and trends to keep you entertained for an entire afternoon of sunning.

Fast Company: This is another good read, with stories of entrepreneurs, trends and business ideas both current and future. And don’t worry — though it has “company” in the title, this read will feel nothing like being at work!

The New Yorker: Great reporting and super interesting stories — need we say more?

Surfer: Even if you don’t have plans to hit the board on this trip, there’s just something fun about thumbing through a surfing magazine while at the beach. And hey, if you feel like a poser, you can always hide it between the pages of one of your other magazines and no one has to know.

ESPN The Magazine: Catch up on the latest sports news and let your mind kick back and relax. Golf anyone?

Enjoy these additional suggestions of quick and easy summer reads–all for less than $10.