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10 Magazines to Help You Start Checking Off Your Holiday Shopping List

Keep pace with the ever-earlier-arriving holiday displays with our Pre-Season Red Tag Sale featuring magazines up to 90 percent off for everyone on your shopping list.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (already) everywhere you go, and the sight of all those snowmen and reindeer can make you feel like you’re already behind. For goodness sake, there’s been no trick or treating and the turkey hasn’t even been basted yet.

But before the holidays spin too far out of control, we can help you at least check a few things off your list with our Pre-Season Red Tag Sale.

With select magazines—some of our most popular titles—70 to 90 percent off, you’re sure to find a gift just about everyone on your list can look forward to all year long. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find.

Cooking Light: For 25 years, this magazine has been making over comfort foods and other indulgences into healthy meals for health and fitness buffs.

Coastal Living: Got an adventurer to shop for? Take them to destinations from coast to coast with this magazine that just recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

InStyle: No fashionista should be without this bible of inspiration that covers best looks, trends and beauty tips from head to toe.

Sports Illustrated: Help a sports fan get his or her fix with this weekly magazine known for its comprehensive coverage and well-written features.

Entertainment Weekly: Gossip enthusiasts will look forward to weekly updates on their favorite stars plus insight into the hottest television shows and movies.

Time: For news junkies, this weekly newsmagazine is a must, as it goes in-depth into the latest headlines here and around the globe.

Parenting: Parents with children of any age will find plenty of kid-friendly advice in this magazine that’s packed with how to’s, recipes and more.

Field & Stream: Keep your outdoorsman (or woman) ready year round with product reviews on equipment and gear, as well as preparedness tips for any situation.

Outdoor Photographer: This magazine helps the artist behind the camera capture the best in landscape, sports or other outdoor settings with advice and equipment recommendations.

Popular Science: Gearheads will get into this title that explores the inner workings of the latest in technology, science, travel and more.

Parenting Early Years magazine April 2012

Jessica Alba’s Naughty Parenting Secrets

Parenting Early Years magazine April 2012Don’t be fooled by the pretty face; when it comes to child-rearing, actress Jessica Alba isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty.

When it comes to parenting, Jessica Alba has dubbed herself the heavy. In the April issue of Parenting Early Years magazine, the mother of two daughters, 3-year-old Honor and 8-month-old Haven, describes how her own rebellious streak as a child has played a big role in how she’s raising her own kids.

“I think it’s because I was kind of a naughty kid myself,” Alba tells the magazine. “I’d push my parents’ buttons and test them to see how much I could get away with … I think I just know, from me being that [naughty] kind of child, how to cut off bad behavior and redirect it.”

Still, Alba admits, husband Cash Warren has to be instructed in the ways of discipline. “Cash, meanwhile, was always the perfect kid,” she dishes, “the straight-A student who was everyone’s sweetheart. It was never in him to be naughty … So when Honor tries to do something she shouldn’t, I have to say to Cash, ‘Let her know right from the beginning that she can’t.’”

The 30-year-old actress practices what she preaches in her own disciplining. Of a typical discipline encounter with Honor, Alba explains, “I’ll put her in a timeout and tell her, ‘Think about the choices you’ve made.’ Then I’ll come back and say, ‘Now it’s time to stop crying and think.’ Then I’ll come back again and ask her, ‘Now, what did you learn?’”

That’s some serious follow-through.

How do you shoulder the roller coaster of disciplining your children?