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Best Outdoor Magazines for Adventure-Seekers



Do you live for a life of adventure? The opportunity to see new, wild and beautiful places, and push yourself to the limits? Whether you’re a backpacker, climber, biker or other outdoor enthusiast, we’ve got the perfect outdoor magazines to meet your passions and inspire your next adventure.  Continue reading

Fall Leaves

6 Books That Have Us Thinking About Fall

We’re already thinking about the football, scarves and comforting soups that are coming with fall. You can get in an autumn state of mind, too, with these six books.

According to the calendar, it’s still summer, but the air has that ever so slightly cooler edge that hints fall is coming.

Though the changing of the seasons is still officially several weeks away, we’re already getting into an autumn state of mind.

Fall means soups, scarves and football—not to mention the lower temperatures that make it possible to enjoy the outdoors without breaking a sweat (or at least much of one). If you want to join us in turning your thoughts toward cooler weather, add these books (or titles like them) to your reading list.

1. The Blind Side: Nothing is more synonymous with the season than college football, and this inspiring true story follows how the sport—and one compassionate family—changed one player’s life forever.

2. The 150 Healthiest Comfort Food Recipes on Earth: Fill up on the great tastes of fall without all the calories, fat and sugar. This cookbook transforms comfort food classics into healthy, nutrient-packed options.

3. Container Gardening for All Seasons: The leaves may change and fall, but those with green thumbs (and those who aspire to having them) can enjoy blooming color year-round in their homes or on their patios with 101 designs and diagrams found here.

4. Socks to Knit for Those You Love: If you love to curl up with a knitting needle and a skein of yarn, add this book to the mix and prepare to bundle up with these 18 sock designs with everyone in the family in mind.

5. Crafts for Every Season: Don’t consider yourself much of a crafter? No problem, not with these more than 75 projects—including oven mitts for fall and a patchwork scarf for winter—are ideal for even beginners.

6. The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun: Get your mental exercise in with the kids indoors or outdoors with these DIY science projects in the bestselling spin-off of Wired magazine’s popular GeekDad blog.

Self magazine February 2012 cover

Bench Warmers: Work Out at the Park

Self magazine February 2012

Self Feb. 2012

Self magazine urges readers to get outside — and work out once we’re there.

When you’re at the park with the kids, you basically have two choices: You can sit on a park bench and watch them slide and swing and laugh. Or, you can use that bench to burn some calories and tone a few muscles.

The February issue of Self magazine offers up two bench workouts: One is designed to utilize the weight bench in the gym and the other uses a park bench in the great outdoors. With the sunshine and blue sky we’ve been experiencing in Austin, the outdoor version of the workout has me wanting to get outside and give it a try.

Self magazine illustrates each move in full-color photographs and detailed descriptions. The workout includes moves like Going in Circles, which works the arms, abs, glutes and thighs; and the Flying Ace, which focuses on the shoulders and back.

If “I don’t have time” is one of your go-to excuses for not getting into shape, this quick workout blows it out of the water. If you have time to take the kids to the park, you have time to work out while you’re there. Two birds, one stone!