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Moll Anderson’s Tips on Displaying Accessories and Color Coordinating Your Closet

Beautifully displaying your accessories helps you see your options when pulling together an outfit.

Sunday September 23rd had the magic of the Emmy Awards in the air and I got to experience a complete girl’s day happening in my house, especially happening in my closet! That’s right, my best gal pal Sophie and I got to hang out all day together.

We spent several hours unpacking, closet reorganizing and catching up on some guilty pleasure television like any and all Bravo and Style Network shows. The anticipation of the 5:30 hour was exciting! I channel-surfed between E! red carpet appearances and watching my buddy, Fashion Guru Lawrence Zarian, doing his fab thing on the red carpet.

My Emmy HOT picks were Padma Lakshmi in the amazing hot orange Monique Lhuillier gown and Nicole Kidman in Antonio Berardi and of course we always love seeing Keith Urban looking so fine. My WORST dressed pick was Lena Dunham–her Prada dress was completely disappointing! The cut of the dress was hard for any female to pull off! Sorry, Lena!

My accomplishments in the closet proved to be quite satisfying! Check it out:

Color coordinating and organizing your closet like a boutique takes the stress out of getting dressed.

Creating vignettes of your accessories in color prove to make life so much easier when creating last minute outfits. It also allows you to enjoy them when you are not wearing them. Don’t forget to consider C.P.U.: Cost Per Use. Creating a rainbow of color keeps your sweaters neatly folded and easy to find, and also has a pleasant effect on the aesthetics of your closet!

All in all, it was a fabulous day! Send me photos of your “Sunday Closet Cases” to share with me your dilemmas and your great ideas.

Don’t forget to Tune in on XM Talk 168, 2 p.m. PST, 5 p.m. EST to The Moll Anderson Show this Saturday! My guests are Bravo’s Miss Advised, Julia Allison and Katie Rosen of FabFitFun.com


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Converted shoe organizer

How to Turn a Shoe Organizer Into Helpful Home Storage

converted shoe organizer step 1

Converting a shoe organizer can provide you with a central location for all the little things you tend to misplace.

Dana McCranie shares a tutorial on repurposing a basic shoe organizer into a family storage center that houses little things that can easily be lost daily.

My husband places the things from his pockets in a little grouping each day when he gets in from work. His keys, cell phone, sunglasses, badge and change live in a cohesive little family. The problem arises when it is time for them to go back to his pockets and off to work the following morning. The group is quite transient, never landing in the same spot from one day to the next. Because we have two children and the mornings are hectic enough already, we needed a solution to gather all the things we fight about losing daily.

I have been really inspired by the ways I’ve seen shoe organizers repurposed. There are several out there, but the one example that got me motivated was from Better Homes & Gardens.


  • Transparent shoe pocket organizer
  • Decorative paper pack
  • Thin cardboard for the chalkboard labels
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Sponge brush
  • Sticky strip tape or mini-glue dots
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Chalk

converted shoe organizer step 2


Project Difficulty: Easy
Time Needed: 2-3 hours

Step 1: Measure your shoe pockets. I cut the paper to fill the entire slot and then added the chalkboard label pieces at the end.
My measurements were as follows:
24 decorative paper strips: 9 3/4″ x 4″
24 chalkboard strips: 1 1/2″ x 4″

Step 2: Cut the paper strips and set them aside. Now you will need something to use for the chalkboard labels. You can paint any type of thin cardboard for this. I wouldn’t use anything too thin because it will curl when you apply the paint. I used the back side of the cover from my paper pack.

converted shoe organizer step 3

Paint your cardboard and let dry. Once it is dry, cut it into the appropriate sizes. If this project doesn't force you to purchase a paper cutter, nothing will.

Step 3: Apply the sticky strip tape or glue dots to the backs of the labels. I recommend covering the corners and the middle to get the best hold. Apply labels to the decorative paper.

converted shoe organizer step 4

Step 4: Prepare the chalk strips by rubbing them with chalk and erasing them before you label them. Take some chalk and label your slots. We have four family members so I decided to assign each family member their own row. We use the extra spaces for the things that belong to us all.

converted shoe organizer step 5

Step 5: Place the papers into their slots and add your items to be organized. You may decide to attach the papers to the organizer with the glue dots if you don’t want them to move around. I left mine loose so I could change the design from time to time.

converted shoe organizer step 6

Step 6: After you use the organizer for a day or so, you’ll probably re-label the pockets. This is especially true if you have a 2-year-old and your original placement had scissors and the iPod on the bottom row.

converted shoe organizer step 7


Real Simple magazine December 2011

How to Prepare Your Home for a Return From the Hospital

Real Simple magazine December 2011

Real Simple magazine's December 2011 issue

Blogger Summer Huggins uses guidance from Real Simple to compile a checklist for preparing her mother’s home for Mom’s return from the hospital.

My mother had a stroke on Veteran’s Day. I’m so happy to report that she is completely herself–memories, smarts and sense of humor are totally intact. She has a long road ahead of her to learn to walk and use her left hand again though.

Still in the hospital, she misses her kitties, her own bed and her comfy couch. And who can blame her? So while she focuses on feeling better and dreams of kicking the next doctor who asks her to wiggle her toes, I’m looking ahead and planning to make her house as comfortable and easy to navigate as possible for the day she gets to go home. That is going to require some keen organization. And that requires Real Simple magazine.

With inspiration from the pages of the last few issues of Real Simple, I’ve formulated the follow plan:

  1. Pick things up off of the floor. Mom is an avid reader, so seeing stacks and stacks of books and magazines under the coffee table, around her bedside table and behind the couch isn’t uncommon. I’ll use clear storage boxes and wall-mounted shelving to organize and tidy up all her reading materials, getting them off the floor for a clearer walking path. Her beautiful rug will be rolled up into a corner in the garage for a bit too.
  2. Purge the kitchen. The pantry and fridge both need to be uncluttered and filled with healthy foods. This will make things easier for her to see and reach, and the healthy foods will support her on her path to wellness again. Cookies are out–fresh fruit and veggies will be ushered in!
  3. Get rid of excess furniture, at least for now. At her house, it’s Mom, my awesome stepdad and three cats, yet their living room alone has more seating that the five of them could ever use at once. There is an oversize couch, three recliners and a beautiful wooden rocking chair. Some of those chairs have got to go. We can put them in the garage for a while. Or we could even sell the excess pieces to make money for all that healthy fruit that I plan to keep her stocked up on!

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make things better for her. But bringing her a daily vanilla latte and making sure her home is comfortable and functional are the things I really can do right now.

If you’ve ever had to organize your home or a family member’s home to help on the road to recovery, I’d love to hear your tips too!