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The 10 Best Magazines for Planning Your Wedding and Happily Ever After

There’s no end to the details that go into planning your wedding and your happily ever after, but here are ten magazines to help get you started.

So much planning goes into your big day—not to mention all the days that come after—that it would be difficult to turn to just one source and expect it to cover every last detail of walking down the aisle and into wedded bliss.

But with a magazine for nearly every subject, these ten can help you address everything from the dress, the hair and the makeup, to the registry, the honeymoon and the happily ever after.

Brides: Once you’ve found Prince Charming, you’ll have to find the perfect dress, and each issue is packed with ideas for what to wear—plus tips from head to toe.

InStyle: Popular for its accessible fashion advice, this magazine is a go-to for hair, makeup and skin care tips to help enhance your beauty on your big day—and your style on your honeymoon.

Shape: Look your best from the inside out on your wedding day with diet and exercise regimens that help get you in shape the healthy way.

Martha Stewart Living: Crafty brides will find plenty of tips on adding seasonal touches to their ceremonies from the domestic diva herself.

Sunset: Incorporate some hometown flair from your or your hubby-to-be’s roots in anything from your décor to your menu with the appropriate regional magazine.

Food & Wine: Find inspiration for the reception menu, tasty cakes, cocktail hour drinks and appetizers, or wine pairing suggestions here.

Consumer Reports: Get the most out of your wedding registry by placing items that make the grade, according to this trusted magazine, on your list.

National Geographic Traveler: From the honeymoon to all those anniversaries, enjoy every trip with this title’s in-depth—and essential—insider information.

Cooking Light: Take care of each other—and even drop that honeymoon weight—by preparing the lighter, healthier recipes (including some vegetarian dishes) in each issue.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Whether you’re combining accounts or making joint investments, this magazine provides common-sense advice on a wealth of financial topics.

Martha Stewart Living magazine February 2012

5 Magazines That Will Inspire You to Create

Martha Stewart Living magazine February 2012With so many crafting magazines of so many titles, blogger Dana McCranie offers her take on the five that draw her to her crafting table — every time.

There are few magazines I can’t enjoy for one reason or another. Each has its niche and, even within the world of craft magazines, each serves a different type of artists. I’ve found I have a few that I consistently go back to. The reason these titles are my go-to publications is because of their ability to provide quick, useful inspiration to get me to the crafting table. I love many magazines just for the sheer pleasure of witnessing the artistic process, but this list is dedicated to the publications that move me to create — every time.

1. Somerset Studio magazine – Although I’m not a mixed media artist, the content in this publication is always of such high caliber that I can’t help but try to duplicate some of what I see. The magazine features a consistent aesthetic that inspires a confidence within the reader. The result is that every time a reader picks up the magazine, a high level of artistry is expected.

2. Cloth Paper Scissors magazine – I love this publication for its whimsy. Every issue features artwork that transports the reader to another world. Each little vignette is like a lesson is storytelling through creativity that provides a unique level of inspiration.

3. Family Fun magazine – From the first time I picked up Family Fun, I was hooked. I was initially drawn to the magazine because I was looking for fun activities to share with my young children. It didn’t take long to realize this magazine offers just as many great ideas and content for adults. The best thing about the projects in Family Fun is that they’re almost always easy and inexpensive to recreate.

4. Creating Keepsakes magazine – As a card maker and avid stamper, I like to see artists putting stamps to paper and samples of cards. While Creating Keepsakes focuses primarily on scrapbooking, I’ve always been so impressed by their approach and how many useful resources they offer. Their sketches can be adapted to cards and many other projects, and I always find myself pulling out my card making supplies after reading this one.

5. Martha Stewart Living magazine – Martha will always be my first love. Martha Stewart Living is the first magazine where I remember counting down the days until the new issue was in my hot little hands. I have the fondest memories of every project I’ve ever attempted from the pages of this beautiful publication. Even when the project looked nothing like what was on the page, I still had fun with it. Martha Stewart Living was my sole resource for crafting inspiration and instruction for years, and for that reason this magazine will always have a special place in my heart.

Martha Stewart Halloween 2011 special issue

How to Have the Ultimate Halloween? Martha Knows

Martha Stewart Halloween 2011 special issueThere are people who celebrate Halloween, then there are people who love to celebrate Halloween. By that, I mean there are people who put up a few holiday knick-knacks and fill a jack-o-lantern with candy. And then there are people who do everything short of turning their house into a crypt.

They string cobwebs across rooms, put coffins on porches and create elaborate candy displays that may include bubbling cauldrons and frightening music. And maybe they’ll be decked out as ghoulish creatures themselves to greet trick-or-treaters.

Yep, these folks really get into Halloween. If you’re one of them, Martha Stewart Living’s got just the guide for the super crafty with more than 125 ideas for everything from costumes to pumpkins and tricks to treats in a special holiday issue only available on newsstands.

Martha Stewart Halloween even features a familiar face on the cover. Channeling some of her modeling days, Martha gets made over for the “B-Movie Blowout” spread, which details how to dress like characters from classic horror films.

Martha is transformed into “Motha, the winged wonder” with eye-catching feathered eyelashes and butterfly wings. Don’t worry, there’s a template for those included–along with just about every other idea in the magazine. This is Martha Stewart, after all.

And, of course, because it’s Martha, there’s much more here than costume ideas. From indoor centerpieces to outdoor decorations, like pumpkins and scarecrows, and eerie-inspired entrees to homemade treats–and their all-important presentations–this issue is packed with everything you could think of to celebrate Halloween. And much more.