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10 Best Magazines for Summer Reading

best magazines for summer reading

What’s on your reading list this summer? Get the scoop on the 10 best magazines for summer reading right here! Continue reading

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Save Up to 70 Percent on Children’s Magazines in Our Summer Reading Sale

Magazines.com Summer Reading SaleTeach your child that reading and learning is fun at any age with the help of the age-appropriate magazines featured in our Summer Reading Sale!

Want to foster a love of reading or give your already book-loving children something new to read every month? The deals that are part of our Summer Reading Sale will do just that—plus you’ll save up to 70 percent on some of our most popular children’s magazines.

You may already be familiar with a classic like Highlights—maybe you even read it as a kid yourself! But we’ve got many more magazines for kids that are parent-approved with multiple awards from the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

In our broad selection of more than 25 children’s magazines, there is something for every age that will help curious minds blossom and active kids to explore. Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in our Summer Reading Sale, but hurry, these savings end June 25, 2013!

For Highlights Fans

The Highlights line of magazines has expanded over the years to include something for children ages 0-12. The classic Highlights still contains puzzles, projects, riddles, and stories for ages 6-12, but for younger readers ages 3-5, there’s Highlights High Five. The newest member of the Highlights family is Highlights Hello, specially designed with thicker pages and rounded corners for the littlest of readers ages 0-2.

For Animal Lovers

Just like Highlights, Zoobooks’ line of animal-centric magazines has something for children of various age ranges. Zoobies is just for ages 0-3 focusing on basic concepts like colors, shapes, and sizes, while Zootles targets preschoolers ages 4-6 with lots of photos, stories, puzzles, and activities. Children ages 6-12 can explore the animal kingdom up close with Zoobooks and its photography and interactive activities.

For Young Inquiring Minds

From Cobblestone Publishing comes a wide range of magazines by both content and age range to satisfy young curiosities. Its 14 titles cover literacy and language arts, American and world history and world cultures, and science and ideas divided by grades pre-K to second grade, grades 2-5, and grades 4 and up. Titles include Babybug, Ladybug, AppleSeeds, Calliope, Cobblestone, Cricket, Dig, Muse, Odyssey, and more!

For Spanish Speakers/Readers

A select number of Cobblestone Publishing’s extensive line of parent-approved magazines are also available in Spanish. Babybug en Espanol is specifically for children 6 months to 3 years to introduce Spanish to children regardless of their native language. Ladybug en Espanol is the next level of Spanish education for children at the pre-K to grade 1 level. Ask en Espanol is an even more advanced application of the language to science concepts for children in grades 3-5.

For Older Girls and Boys

Your older son or daughter may seem like their 10 going on 20, but you know they’re not quite ready to be all grown up yet. Magazines like Girls’ Life or Boys’ Life provide age-appropriate advice and cover their unique concerns while bridging their transition from childhood to teen. Girls’ Life, recognized with a Parent’s Choice award, tackles fashion, friends, and self-esteem in each issue, while Boys’ Life features articles on history, science, sports, and more.