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Labor Day "Wear Your White" Party

Throw a “Wear Your White” Labor Day Party

Labor Day "Wear Your White" PartyYou’ve always heard that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. And while that may be an arbitrary and oft ignored fashion fable, you can play it up with this creative Labor Day party idea.

Fire up the grill, gather up the family and dress up in all white. Why, you ask? Well, you might as well wear all those blanco blouses, cloud-colored camis and pearly pumps before Labor Day hits and doing so would be deemed a fashion foible. For this pallid party idea, all you need is an assortment of white food, some white decorations and a group of good-humored friends.

For samples of these ideas, browse our accompanying Pinterest Board.

The Invitations: Send stark white invitations in white envelopes. In the center of each card, type in small black (or cream, if you have a color printer) ink – “Please Join Us for a Labor Day ‘Wear Your White’ Party.” Make it as simple as possible, just including the major details like the time and place.

The Decor: Depending on how festive you want to get for your Labor Day party, you can go as white as you want with the decor. One inexpensive decoration that has a big impact is white balloons. Grouped together, they look surprisingly classy in all white. You can also hang white lanterns or decorate with white lights. Use white plates, serving dishes, napkins and even white plastic silverware. Pull out your white milky glass vases and fill them with white flowers–even baby’s breath has a wow factor when bunched all together.

The Food: Again, your choices here will have a lot to do with what kind of party you’re having (inside or outside, fancy or casual) but your options are endless. For appetizers, the options range from Swiss cheese fondue to a veggie plate with light veggies like cauliflower and cucumbers to cucumber sandwiches and crackers and cheese. For your main course, grill chicken or bake white chicken pizzas for the crowd. Dessert is where it gets really fun. Serve vanilla ice cream and white sprinkles or sugar cookies or all-white cupcakes with white frosting. Anything with white chocolate or coconut is a great option as well.

However you approach it, a “Wear Your White” Labor Day party is a great reason to gather some friends, have a little fun and let your creativity take charge.