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Halloween Costumes: 15 Ideas You can DIY This Year

Fall is here, which means that it’s time to start thinking about Halloween! One of the best parts about Halloween is coming up with the perfect costume, but sometimes actually shopping for costumes can be exhausting and frustrating.

To make your costume hunting easier, we’ve rounded up an awesome selection of easy Halloween costumes that you can DIY (some in minutes!).  Whether you’re going as an individual, one half of a couples’ costume, or as the member of a group, you can find the perfect costume for your Halloween celebrations! Continue reading

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

DIY For the Average Jane: Adorable “Flower Child” Halloween Costume

Flower Child Halloween Costume Baby 2It’s almost Halloween, and that means everyone’s scrambling around for the best Halloween costumes. This week, I tackle an adorable baby costume that I like to call the “flower child.”

What were you for your first Halloween? Maybe you were a bumblebee or a bunny or just the younger sibling in a onesie being toted around while your older siblings got all the loot. Whatever the case, here is one idea for a fun Halloween costume for a baby girl.

It’s super simple, as no sewing is required. All you need is a glue gun, some felt and a little creativity. I made mine a pink flower, but you can be as creative as you want with this one. Here’s how I made my “flower child” Halloween costume:

Flower Child Costume 1


-Long-sleeved green onesie (I snagged this one at Goodwill.)

-1 sheet of green felt for the stem and leaf

-2 sheets of any color felt for the flower petals on the onesie and headband

-A glue gun and glue stick

-A headband that fits your baby’s head (I used a softer one rather than a plastic one that might hurt baby’s head.)

-Pipe cleaners (these are optional for additional embellishment, though I ended up choosing not to use any in the end. You could use them to line the felt flower or add dimension to the headband if you want.)


Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

Step 1: Cut out all petals for onesie and headband.

For this, you’re going to want three sizes of petals. You’ll want 6 or 7 large (I ended up using 7), 5 medium (if you want to put petals on the shoulders–I chose not to and only used 3 medium petals) and then four miniature half petals for the neckline. There’s really no need to measure these. Cut one and then use it as an outline to cut the other petals of the same size. There is no exact science here, so eyeball it.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Felt Pieces

Step 2: Cut out three pieces from the green felt. In order to cut the right size pieces for this, just hold your felt over the onesie and measure how far you want your stem to go. The smaller, fatter piece is for covering the headband and the leaf is an embellishment for the flower stem. I cut my stem with a forked top to go around the flower petal, but you can also opt to glue your stem on first and then glue your flower petal on top of it, and I would recommend that.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Leaf

Step 3: Cut your leaf to make it look more realistic. I decided to cut some notches into my leaf to give it a little depth and dimension.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

Step 4: Glue on your first 3 medium petals. (You could choose to glue down the stem before this step).

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Bodice

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Bodice 2

Step 5: Layer on the four half petals and glue on your stem and leaf.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 1

Step 5: Glue smaller felt strip onto headband to create a soft base.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 2

Step 6: Tuck the felt beneath the headband and secure in place with glue gun.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 3

Step 7: Take your 6 or 7 large petals and wrap them around the headband, securing them in place with the glue gun. 

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial 2

Now you have an adorable little costume that makes baby girl look like a sweet flower (and even a little like the Statue of Liberty …). The guarantee is that she will look adorable, but what’s not guaranteed is that she will enjoy being dressed up as a lovely little flower child.