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Favorite Halloween Magazine Covers

Our 6 Favorite Halloween Magazine Covers

Favorite Halloween Magazine CoversWith Halloween just a day away, we’re taking a break from the Thanksgiving and Christmas prep that’s everywhere by savoring the moment with our favorite magazine covers of the season.

‘Tis the season for that weird holiday mashup that occurs this time of year, part Halloween, part Thanksgiving, part Christmas. In the magazine world, most of the latest covers—the November issues—are adorned with turkeys and pecans in preparation for that most thankful of days.

Already, stores are stocking their shelves with wreaths and trees and ornaments and the like, and Pinterest pinners are getting busy filling out their holiday prep boards.

So rather than get caught up in the (too?) early hustle and bustle, we thought we’d just enjoy the moment with our favorite Halloween-inspired magazine covers of the season. There’s plenty of time for the rest, right?

Real Simple: Our top pick of all the October covers, this reader favorite incorporates the black cat and carved pumpkin in one eye-catching image and throws in some fall leaves and seasonally-hued background for good measure.

Martha Stewart Living: For its elegance and artistic quality, of course Martha Stewart’s magazine gets the nod as one of the season’s best. Though not particularly spooky, the brighter yellowish hues of the scored design and masthead pop against the eerie shadows of the background.

Coastal Living: Staying on the subject of carvings, this magazine gave its pumpkins some personality by using the coast as its muse. Fish, shells, starfish, and compass designs adorned the assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors of pumpkins on its cover.

Sports Illustrated Kids: Three NFL stars get in on the fun of Halloween by dressing up like the mascots of their respective teams. It’s a playful reminder that you’re never too old to trick or treat, but it also points to an article inside of theirs and other stars’ costumes as kids.

Southern Living: Not all pumpkin carvings have to be scary. This Southern lifestyle magazine drew inspiration from some of the most popular signs of the fall season, showcasing a collection of pumpkins with cutouts of different leaf patterns.

YUM Food & Fun for Kids: Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the treats, right? Next to the costume, it’s probably the most important ingredient. That’s why this cover featuring lots of creative candies made the cut.


Costume Tutorial

5 Halloween Costumes From a Bandana, a Marker and a Belt

Costume TutorialHalloween is tomorrow, and whether you’re headed to a work costume party or just handing out candy at home, here are five costumes you can piece together from three versatile household items.

Halloween can be an awkward holiday for women when it comes to adult costumes, especially at work-related parties. It can be hard to maintain that professional vibe while also letting yourself be creative.

If you don’t want to look like a curmudgeon this year but also don’t want to be the only person who went over the top, here are five costumes that require no purchase and provide just the right amount of festivity. All you need are three basic things – a bandana, a (washable) marker and a belt – and you’ll be on your way.

1. A Pirate: Wrap the bandana around your head, tying it at the side to give it that signature pirate look. Throw on brown pants and a white or cream shirt (long-sleeved, flowing shirts work best). Then take the belt and wrap it around your waist to cinch the shirt. Take the marker and be creative, drawing a patch on your eye or a creative mustache and voila – all you’ll have to do then is perfect your pirate voice and tell everyone you meet to walk the plank!

2. A Hippie: There are several ways to tie a bandana to make yourself look like a hippie. You can either lay it out like a diamond, fold it in half and then wear it over your hair, tying the corners together, or you can continue folding until it’s folded into a headband. Wear a bright floral shirt or a flowing shirt (if you’re not using it for your pirate costume) and the most belled pants you have, tie your belt around your waist and draw a peace sign on your cheek or on your arm like a tattoo. Don’t you just feel the love with this one?

3. A Girl from the ’50s: To pull off this look, wear straight-legged jeans and white shoes if you have them. Put on a plain colored, short sleeved shirt and tie your bandana in a clean knot around your neck. Tuck the shirt into your jeans and wear the belt neatly.  Put your hair in a side ponytail if you can and use the marker to draw cat-eye eyeliner on your eyes.

4. A Gypsy: Wear your hair down and add curls if you can. Tie the bandana just like you did for the pirate, where the knot is on the side of your head. Wear a long skirt and a flowing shirt if you have them. Loosen up your belt and let it hang around your waist over your skirt to give it more of a Bohemian look. If you have gold jewelry or hoop earrings, wear them. You don’t need the marker on this one, unless you’re super creative and want to draw on some gypsy jewelry.

5. A Bank Robber: For this one, wear the banana over your mouth like a bandit, color a black mask over your eyes with the marker and wear all black. Take your belt and sling it over one shoulder to make yourself look a little more like a nomadic highwayman (or woman).



10 Best Magazines for Halloween Ideas

HalloweenHalloween is just three days away, and that means it’s crunch time. Here are 10 go-to magazines for the best Halloween ideas on the block.

Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you faster than a mummy in a haunted house. Boo! The big day is almost here and that means it’s time to think up a great dessert to bring to work, throw together a costume and buy some sweet stuff to hand out to the little bell-ringers who will be lining up at your door.

Where do you go for the best ideas of the season? This year, try one of these 10 go-to magazines for tricks and treats that will make it look like you’ve been planning for months (which we all know you haven’t).

Plus, to make things sweeter this season, check out the spooktacular savings we’re offering this season for $5 off these select magazines and more!

Martha Stewart Living

1. Martha Stewart Living - From spider-shaped pancakes to homemade costumes for kids, Martha’s got everything you need for a fun family fall.

Whole Living Magazine

2. Whole Living – In a season full of candy and cookies, this title offers a healthy and delicious approach to the season.

Family Circle Magazine

3. Family Circle - This magazine is loaded with family friendly tips like quick can’t-miss recipes and pumpkin carving ideas that will light up the night.

Food & Wine Magazine

4. Food & Wine - Get a more gourmet take on the season with this title, with chef-approved scrumptious menus for the season and party ideas that will make Halloween a holiday that even adults enjoy.

Everyday Food Magazine

5. Everyday Food - This title also comes from Martha Stewart, and if offers recipes on everything from the best cupcakes to new takes on comfort foods.

Parenting Magazine

6. Parenting - Halloween is a season full of kids, and you won’t want to brave it without the super creative ideas of Parenting magazine.

Midwest Living Magazine

7. Midwest Living - Pretzel sticks that look like ghosts? Butterfly-covered pumpkins? There’s no end to the fun Halloween-inspired things covering the pages of this one.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

8. Better Homes & GardensLet this magazine help you decorate your home to reflect the classy colors of the season.

National Geographic Kids

9. National Geographic Kids - This new title is chok full of facts and fun for kids of all ages. Find a costume idea or quiz yourself on some Halloween trivia to see how much you really know about the holiday.

Taste of Home Magazine

10. Taste of Home - Halloween recipes galore will have you tasting the best flavors of fall.



Save $5 Instantly on More than 250 Magazines as Our Halloween Treat to You

No tricks, just treats for you during Magazines.com’s Halloween sale. Now through Oct. 31, save $5 instantly on more than 250 magazines for everyone in the family.

There’s plenty of treats—and maybe even some tricks ahead—with Halloween preparations in full swing. In honor of the spookiest day of the year, we’re offering up a treat—an instant $5 off coupon on more than 250 select magazine titles.

Browse these sale titles here and enter the coupon code “SPOOK” during checkout. Magazines about cooking, home, business, health, travel, adventure, hobbies and more are just some of the treats we’re offering now through Oct. 31.

Since sweets will be taking center stage in the coming week, here’s a focus on five sale magazines that offer ideas for treats all year long.

Martha Stewart Living: If anyone knows how to dress up Halloween—or any other holiday, for that matter—it’s Martha Stewart. Every issue features crafty ideas for the home as well as seasonal menus.

Family Circle: Stay on top of managing your household with these time- and money-saving strategies for keeping things organized and putting tasty food on the table—for the holidays or any time of year.

Better Homes & Gardens: Just as its name suggests, this longtime favorite is packed with tips for getting your home and your gardens in order for the season—as well as recipes for hearty meals and sweet desserts.

Parenting: It’s important to parents that kids eat healthy, and if it’s the parents making the meals or the snacks, convenience is key. And this magazine keeps things fast, easy and nutritious, for the sake of both.

Taste of Home: Whether it’s an elaborate holiday meal, a seasonal side or a treat the kids can help make, all of the recipes in this magazine are user-submitted, which gives them a stamp of approval.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

DIY For the Average Jane: Adorable “Flower Child” Halloween Costume

Flower Child Halloween Costume Baby 2It’s almost Halloween, and that means everyone’s scrambling around for the best Halloween costumes. This week, I tackle an adorable baby costume that I like to call the “flower child.”

What were you for your first Halloween? Maybe you were a bumblebee or a bunny or just the younger sibling in a onesie being toted around while your older siblings got all the loot. Whatever the case, here is one idea for a fun Halloween costume for a baby girl.

It’s super simple, as no sewing is required. All you need is a glue gun, some felt and a little creativity. I made mine a pink flower, but you can be as creative as you want with this one. Here’s how I made my “flower child” Halloween costume:

Flower Child Costume 1


-Long-sleeved green onesie (I snagged this one at Goodwill.)

-1 sheet of green felt for the stem and leaf

-2 sheets of any color felt for the flower petals on the onesie and headband

-A glue gun and glue stick

-A headband that fits your baby’s head (I used a softer one rather than a plastic one that might hurt baby’s head.)

-Pipe cleaners (these are optional for additional embellishment, though I ended up choosing not to use any in the end. You could use them to line the felt flower or add dimension to the headband if you want.)


Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

Step 1: Cut out all petals for onesie and headband.

For this, you’re going to want three sizes of petals. You’ll want 6 or 7 large (I ended up using 7), 5 medium (if you want to put petals on the shoulders–I chose not to and only used 3 medium petals) and then four miniature half petals for the neckline. There’s really no need to measure these. Cut one and then use it as an outline to cut the other petals of the same size. There is no exact science here, so eyeball it.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Felt Pieces

Step 2: Cut out three pieces from the green felt. In order to cut the right size pieces for this, just hold your felt over the onesie and measure how far you want your stem to go. The smaller, fatter piece is for covering the headband and the leaf is an embellishment for the flower stem. I cut my stem with a forked top to go around the flower petal, but you can also opt to glue your stem on first and then glue your flower petal on top of it, and I would recommend that.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Leaf

Step 3: Cut your leaf to make it look more realistic. I decided to cut some notches into my leaf to give it a little depth and dimension.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial

Step 4: Glue on your first 3 medium petals. (You could choose to glue down the stem before this step).

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Bodice

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Bodice 2

Step 5: Layer on the four half petals and glue on your stem and leaf.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 1

Step 5: Glue smaller felt strip onto headband to create a soft base.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 2

Step 6: Tuck the felt beneath the headband and secure in place with glue gun.

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial Headband 3

Step 7: Take your 6 or 7 large petals and wrap them around the headband, securing them in place with the glue gun. 

Flower Child Halloween Costume Tutorial 2

Now you have an adorable little costume that makes baby girl look like a sweet flower (and even a little like the Statue of Liberty …). The guarantee is that she will look adorable, but what’s not guaranteed is that she will enjoy being dressed up as a lovely little flower child.

Womans Day magazine October 17 2011

Woman’s Day Candy Corn Fudge Makes Sweet Use of Leftover Halloween Treats

Womans Day magazine October 17 2011

Womans Day magazine, October 17, 2011 issue

Still in a sugar coma post-Halloween? Considering an overwhelming majority of parents admitted to swiping some of their kids’ sweets, it’s very likely.

So what can you do to eliminate those tempting chocolates and candies before you get tired of them? It could be just as simple as a little reinvention, according to Woman’s Day magazine’s Oct. 17, 2011, issue, which offered up four tricks for turning Halloween candies into new treats.

The “Tricks for Treats” article included instructions for Candy Corn Fudge, Snickers Blondies, Peppermint Meringues and Nerd Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Of the four, the oddest combination was the Candy Corn Fudge. Aside from the obvious–the candy corn–the recipe calls for pretzel pieces and dried cherries mixed into a white chocolate-cream cheese-confectioners’ sugar mixture that’s sweet enough to give you a cavity.

After sneaking several tastes of the fudge, I was already having visions of elevated sugar levels. But once I sampled the final product, the end result wasn’t so offensively sweet, thanks to the saltiness of the pretzels and the tartness of the dried cherries.

The recipe couldn’t be easier to make, as it only requires mixing cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar and melted white chocolate chips, then folding in dried cherries and pretzels. Once the mixture is poured into the pan, top with candy corn before it goes into the fridge to set.

The ingredients are enough to make an 8-inch-by-8-inch pan’s worth of fudge; as sweet as it is, that is more than plenty.