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10 Ways to Improve Your Health Right Now


Learn 10 useful tips to improve your health today.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, anxious, mentally drained or unhappy – no matter what your age – the good news is that it’s never too late to reboot and improve your health (and happiness). Keep reading for 10 easy ways to improve your health today. Continue reading

Celebrity Fitness Tips to Slim Down for Summer

celebrity fitness

It’s never too early to get beach-ready! Slim down and shape up for summer with our celebrity fitness challenge! From AcroYoga to cardio and strength training, these Hollywood workout tips will get you fit-minded in no time.

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Which Magazine is Perfect for Your Fitness Goals?

Running FeetWhile we all know how easy it is to put personal health on the backburner for more immediate matters like work demands and family dinners, paying poor attention to your health will eventually catch up to you. Thankfully, getting back in shape does not have to be overwhelming or too time-consuming. Rather than reinventing the wheel in your attempts to go from flab to fit, make sure that you are educated on tried-and-true tips that will get you on the path to looking great and feeling better! Do you know about three of the best fitness magazines for your health?

As the name implies, Shape Magazine is an ideal magazine for women who want to get – and stay – in shape. Their articles are full of advice on everything from quick exercises that will help you get the body that you have always wanted to motivational stories about women who successfully made their health a priority. If you want advice on how to look and feel fantastic, then Shape Magazine might become your new best fitness friend!

First For Women Magazine focuses on living a well-rounded life – a goal that is easier said than done. How often do you sacrifice exercise for the sake of running errands? While errands are an unavoidable part of life, skipping activities that promote your health will compromise your well-being over time and can leave you feeling too tired to finish everything on your to-do list. This read is for those of us who often put our health and exercise needs behind life’s other demands. First For Women Magazine will help you balance your life between family time and “me” time and even leave some room for relaxation.

Health Magazine takes a holistic approach toward fitness. By addressing topics like food, relationships, and fashion in additional to tidbits about exercise, Health Magazine is perfect for the woman who wants to make her life healthier in every aspect. From recipes that promote well-being to tips on how to look younger, Health Magazine is the title of choice for many women.

Summer is the season of bathing suits, warm weather that allows for more outside workouts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep your health on your mind during the rest of the summer!


Moll Anderson’s Healthy Fitness Advice Inspired by Summer Olympic Athletes

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London have officially begun, and there is no better time to find motivation to get in shape! Watching these über fit athletes put me in a healthy mood and I’m excited to say that getting fit can be fun. Don’t let negative feelings hinder your soon-to-be sexy bod. There’s no reason not to take control of your health and life.

It is important to take proper precautions when it comes to your general health. Regular doctor checkups are extremely important! After all you can’t really get into shape if you don’t know exactly what your physical health is.

Our state of mind has a lot to do with our physical health, so ignoring ongoing issues will soon take a toll on your happiness. Don’t fear the doctors; they can really help alleviate any stress you may be feeling about your health.

Living well and living your best life right now are best achieved when you have some serious motivation—there are tons of great fitness magazines out there that will help you find this spark!

Kyle Clarke, to be seen on the September/October cover of Reps magazine, gave us a little sneak preview of what to expect in his feature. Clarke is the face of MRI Performance and has not only a rock solid body, but also a rock solid plan to help you live your best life.

Olympic athlete Samantha Clayton also knows a little something about keeping fit! After gaining 72 lbs while pregnant with triplets, Clayton got her body back to peak fitness and is now the lead fitness instructor for the Herbalife DVD set.

We all know that some people will revert to using basically ANY tactic to becoming skinny, but we also know that a lot of times these aren’t the smartest of decisions. From ingesting tapeworms to smoking cigarettes to decrease appetite, supermodels have been known to do it all.

Kelly Killorean Bensimon, model, Real Housewife and author of I Can Make You Hot, shares all kinds of hot tips including all the absurd methods supermodels use to get rail thin. Listen now to what she had to dish with a no-holds-barred attitude on The Moll Anderson Show!

Kelly and I did share a common diet strategy—indulge in your favorite food in moderation one day a week; we call this day our fun day! Eating a balanced diet the rest of the week is essential to a healthy life—it will allow you to have more energy and will even stabilize your mood. My favorite lunchtime or dinner meal is a special diet salad; I call it Moll’s Medley.

Moll’s Medley Salad

• Handful of kale
• Goat cheese
• Avocado
• Ocean Spray® Craisins
• Olive oil
• ½ lemon
• Balsamic vinegar
• Roasted chicken, optional

Mix all your ingredients, and if you’re like me, add a little seductive spice to get your metabolism up! This salad is full of good essential fats and is an easy on-the-go meal.

Remember to tune into The Moll Anderson Show every week to get great lifestyle tips. Visit the show tab at MollAnderson.com to listen to the show and get fabulous tips for your best self!

For even more healthy fitness advice, grab subscriptions to my hot picks now!

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Women's Running magazine March/April 2012

Train for Your First Half Marathon with These Simple Tips

Women's Running magazine March/April 2012Non-running blogger Summer Huggins gets a dose of “I think I can” from Women’s Running magazine.

You’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not a runner. No matter how much I want to make it happen, becoming a runner intimidates me for some reason. I start out well, but when a training schedule requires me to run for 20 minutes without stopping, I always tend to find something else I’d rather do with those 20 minutes.

Then the March/April issue of Women’s Running magazine shows up in my mailbox.

Right there on the cover, in big black letters, they introduce me to their “no excuses” training plan for a half marathon. Their 16-week schedule includes training only three days a week. And–this is where they won me over–there are a few “spa weeks” on the schedule as well.

A bit to my disappointment, the spa weeks don’t include massages and breakfast in bed. Instead, these weeks include what the trainers call “chill runs”–runs that are more at a leisurely pace. They’re a bit easier than runs that show up in other training weeks, but they still get you out there running, working toward your goals. Also on the training schedule: cross-training days that can be filled with Zumba classes, swimming or even hiking with the dogs.

Now, I don’t know if a 13.1-mile race is in my future, but this training schedule makes it look almost possible for me, a non-runner, to fit running and training into my weekly calendar.

Can I also just say bravo to the designers of Women’s Running magazine? I’ve long been disappointed and even distracted by the blaring glow of the white cover with each and every issue that shows up at my house, but with this March/April issue, you’ll notice a difference when it comes to yours. The colors are soft and inviting, not harsh and stark like the solid white covers of the past. I hope this is a trend they’ll continue!

Shape magazine February 2012 cover

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Workout Built for Two

Shape magazine February 2012 coverIf you want to get outside and burn calories while feeling close to your significant other, Shape magazine has just the workout for you.

Imagine, you’re looking into your husband’s eyes. Your hearts are pounding. Sweat is dripping down his chest. Adrenaline is rushing through you. No, ladies, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about working out together.

With Valentine’s Day in mind, Shape magazine designed a workout that’s built specifically for two. This flirty and fun workout takes less than a half hour and targets your whole body.  A couple of the moves look fairly easy, like the side shuffle and the power punch. Others, however–like the partner press and pull together–look a bit more challenging.

I think my personal favorite is the rescue me, a move that works your back, core, arms and shoulders. It looks a little bit like a one-on-one game of tug of war, and it works like this: While sitting facing each other with knees bent and feet touching, each person holds the end of a towel. You start by lying on your back and then pulling yourself up, hand over hand, until you’re sitting up straight again. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch.

My husband and I aren’t big believers in Valentine’s Day. We can get chocolate any time of the year. The prices for roses are inflated way too high in February. And he thinks it’s a holiday the card companies invented just to make money. But together, we’re taking our health and fitness much more seriously these days. This 20-minute strengthener will be a great addition to our Valentine’s Day evening.