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Fashion Magazine Covers Body Image Double Standard Photoshop Controversy Design Composition

The Ugly Truth About Fashion Magazines and Body Image-Photoshop Controversies

Fashion Magazine Covers Body Image Double Standard Photoshop Controversy Design CompositionFashion magazine critics claim they’re pushing for the industry to accept and feature beauty of all colors, shapes, and sizes. But why is it they don’t cry Photoshop foul when a pencil-thin model or celeb graces a magazine cover?

If it’s not a body image debate that’s abuzz in the fashion magazine world, it’s a Photoshop controversy that’s brewing. You can file Lena Dunham’s February Vogue spread under the latter, but unlike most photo-retouching controversies, this one failed to gain much steam.

It started when Jezebel, the popular feminist blog, offered $10,000 to the fashion magazine for the original images from “Girls” star Lena Dunham’s photo shoot.

Rather than discovering Dunham had been photoshopped to the extreme, the before-and-after photos posted on the site show only minor touch-ups—such as lifting the dress’s neckline, a tuck at the hip, smoothing a wrinkle, removing bags under the eyes—were made.

Many commenters on the blog were more offended by Jezebel’s “mean girl” attack on Dunham—criticizing her posture, pointing out wrinkles and other imperfections—than the use of Photoshop in basically making small enhancements to the photos that appeared in Vogue.

These days Photoshop has become a dirty word in the magazine industry. Once considered a helpful tool to make minor edits to avoid expensive reshoots, its use now is often assumed as a means of creating a deceptive image.

But, ironically, that controversy seems to bubble up when a fashion magazine steps out of its size-2 cover girl comfort zone and features a plus-sized celebrity.

In recent months, Elle magazine came under fire for “hiding” funny girl Melissa McCarthy under a baggy coat on one of its “Women in Hollywood” covers. And it was criticized again when Mindy Kaling—the Indian-American star of “The Mindy Project”—was featured in black and white on one of its “Women in Television” covers.

McCarthy and Kaling’s cover girl peers were featured wearing body-hugging clothing in full-color photos. Which led many to believe that magazine was subtly pushing a double-standard when it came to body size and ethnicity.

Both have publicly said they were pleased with their cover looks, but that didn’t stemmed the criticism. Even Lena Dunham said she felt her appearance in Vogue was an accurate reflection of her style. She told Slate, “I don’t understand why, Photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl, could be a bad thing.”

The truth is that isn’t a bad thing. But this rampant distrust of Photoshop and demand for equality and acceptance of all shapes, sizes, and colors of beauty has created an ugly response.

Since when does anyone—ANYONE—take a perfect photograph? Where is the demand for unretouched photos of Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Moss, and a hundred other skinny, model-perfect examples of beauty that are pushed upon us every month? When any one of them is featured closely cropped or covered up, where is the outrage that their bodies are being hidden?

The critics howl the loudest when a plus-sized star makes it on a fashion magazine cover, insisting that the industry still can’t accept more than one version of beauty. And just when Vogue seems to embrace the notion that it is in its pages, then some way, somehow Photoshop must be to blame.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

7 Hot 2013 Fall Fashion Trends Featured on This Season’s Magazine Covers

Since there’s no better gauge of the hottest fall trends than the season’s fashion magazine covers, we show you how to express your sense of style in seven of the most popular ways.

Spring 2014 collections are all the rage on runways during fashion week this fall, and while New York, London and Paris preview what we should be wearing months away, this season’s magazine covers are showcasing the hottest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe now.

From caps to menswear and leather to military-inspired looks, top fashion magazines provide us with a range of style suggestions. But after scouring this season’s magazine covers, we found they are rather limited in terms of the variety of trends they feature.

Still, any fashion-forward gal will find some inspiration from these seven trends flaunted on this fall’s magazine covers.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

1. Mixed Layers and Textures: No style is hotter on this season’s magazine covers than pairing mixed fabrics, patterns and textures. This can be achieved through layering, such as on September’s Essence or Marie Claire, or mixing pieces, such as on September’s Nylon, or accessories, like September’s InStyle.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

2. Winter White: You can rock this trend whether you adhere to the old rule about wearing white after Labor Day. The looks on magazine covers like August’s Elle Canada, September’s Wallpaper* and October’s Marie Claire Australia go for crisp white, but can easily be managed with the off-white shade.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

3. Classic Patterns: Some things just don’t go out of style, and classic patterns like houndstooth are making a big comeback. It’s been featured prominently on three magazine covers this season: August’s InStyle UK, September’s Elle UK and Cosmopolitan.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

4. Leopard: Take a walk on the wide side with leopard prints. Go for the usual black or brown, but make it trendy by mixing it with different prints or fabrics, like InStyle UK’s October cover, or choose an even hotter hue, such as Cosmopolitan South Africa’s August cover.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

5. Peplum: This forgiving look has been with us for a little while, and it’s going to stick around. The peplum adds flair—and flare—in everything from casual looks, like what’s on Redbook’s September cover, to the more daring piece on September’s Elle UK cover.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

6. Sparkle: Fall is the time to shine in preparation for those fabulous holiday parties. Elle’s August cover, Harper’s Bazaar’s September cover and Harper’s Bazaar UK’s October cover go for lots of bling, while Marie Claire’s October cover layers (another trend) a lot of sparkle on top with a little underneath.

Hottest 2013 Fall Fashion Trends on Magazine Covers

7. Gray: Neutrals can be good basics to build a wardrobe around—you can easily accessorize with the season’s hottest colors—so consider gray the best new basic for fall. Fashion magazine’s October issue pairs the color with another new trend—mixed patterns and textures.

$5 Fashion Magazine Deals

How to Get Great Style for Every Gal in the Family for Just $5

$5 Fashion Magazine DealsJuly is almost over and so are our Christmas in July deals! Now through July 31, get subscriptions to some of our most popular magazines for only $5—including these top fashion titles!

Transitioning from summer to fall can be a challenge for any gal’s wardrobe—especially if she lives in a climate where the temps seem to have no regard for the changes in the calendar.

While it’s true that style advice is a click or swipe away these days, wading through the thousands of fashion blogs could be a daunting task. Not to mention finding a fellow fashionista who shares your sense of classic, or funky, or trendy (and on and on) sense of style.

That’s where our Christmas in July $5 deals on these popular and trusted fashion magazines come in. For just $5, you can find all the tips you need about hair, beauty, clothes, shoes and more to change your style with the changing of the seasons.

Marie Claire: You’ll love the practical advice on incorporating the season’s big trends in your wardrobe and in your beauty routine you’ll find every month in this magazine. Plus, it features some of the most fashionable celebs and essays on social issues important to women.

Elle: What fashion-forward gal doesn’t need (OK, want) great shopping advice? It’s in every tome-like issue of this magazine. More than just more tips for another pretty face, it explores careers, relationships, politics and more topics affecting women.

Elle Décor: Just as beautiful home is an extension of a woman’s style, it’s no surprise that the fashion magazine has a separate title focusing on home décor and design. Get expert interior decorating advice, along with shopping guides to find what you fall in love with in its pages.

Harper’s Bazaar: If you can’t get enough of fashion, this is the magazine you want. It focuses on all the latest looks from the hottest designers, with an emphasis on keeping your look trendy while being true to your sophisticated style.

Seventeen: Help your teen develop her own fashion sense with age-appropriate tips found in this magazine. She’ll also find advice on relationships, friendships, college, careers and more issues important at this time in her life.

Girls’ Life: Give your young teen or tween style inspiration tailored to her transition from girl to young woman. In every issue of this Parent’s Choice award-winning magazine, she’ll also find ways to develop her self-esteem at this very impressionable age.

One Dollar Sale_featured

7 Ways Our $1 Sale Can Help You Get Ready for Spring

One Dollar Magazine SaleSpring hasn’t yet sprung, but it will be here before you know it. Not quite ready for the warmer temps and all that comes with it? The magazines in our $1 Sale can help.

Spring’s arrival will soon mark the packing away of those scarves, boots and heavy coats for another year.

And to thaw out from an especially cold winter (at least for many of us), the warmer temps will be a welcome invitation to spend more time outside.

But after a season of indulgences from comfort foods to hiding beneath bulkier sweaters, the question is: Are you ready?

Whatever the case, the more than 50 magazines featured in our $1 Sale can help you get warm-weather ready and with savings of up to 91 percent off. Here’s who they can help and how:

For the Fashionista

Sundresses and sandals will soon replace those sweaters and boots, and fashion lovers will want to infuse their wardrobes with the hottest spring trends from head to toe. Everything needed to transition from one season to the next can be found in InStyle, Redbook, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar.

For the Entertainment Junkie

Yes, Oscars marked the end of the awards season, but you’re on the hunt for next year’s Best Picture picks. Entertainment Weekly can give insight on the must-see summer blockbusters, while TV Guide can tell you what shows you’ll want to set the DVR for so they don’t interfere with your outdoor plans.

For the News Buff

Whether winter or summer, the news never takes a break and neither do you. Magazines like Time, Popular Science, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc., and Fast Company will keep you up to date on everything from global politics, science and technology, and business and entrepreneurship.

For the Sports Fan

America’s pastime will soon be in full swing, and Sports Illustrated provides everything from the latest news to fantasy advice—for more than just baseball if it’s not your thing. If you’d rather do the swinging yourself, Golf Magazine offers plenty of tips, equipment reviews and more to improve your game.

For the Foodie

Just about every food magazine devotes some space to lighter eating these days. But for healthier recipes from cover to cover, look no further than Cooking Light. You can even eat made-over favorites like Italian dishes or Southern classics and still work toward getting your body beach-ready.

For the Busy Parent

Encourage your kids spend more time outside with activity ideas from Parenting (Early Years or School Years editions). And if you turn to Woman’s Day or Good Housekeeping for everything from easy and economical meal ideas to organization and cleaning tips, you can enjoy more of that time with them.

For the Outdoorsman (or Woman)

He or she will probably want to spend even more time outdoors when the weather is much nicer, and magazines like Field & Stream and Outdoor Life focus on all the ways they can do that. Titles like Outdoor Photographer will even give more creative types a reason to soak up the sunshine.


Pre-Season Red-Tag Sale Helps You Make Your Magazine Holiday Gift List

Dreading the hassle of holiday shopping? Our Pre-Season Red-Tag Sale makes it easier than ever. Plus we’ve already made your gift list; it’s up to you to check it twice.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? More than likely, you’re planning and prepping for your Thanksgiving meal, which is just a few short weeks away. But right on the heels of that tasty task comes the countdown to Christmas.

Whether you don’t think you’ve got time to squeeze one (or several) shopping trips into your busy schedule or, let’s be honest, you can’t stand the crowds, Magazines.com is here to help. We’ve got thousands of gift choices ranging from magazines to books and movies to music and more.

But to help you kick off that holiday shopping spree, we’re offering a selection of some of our most popular titles with prices up to 90 percent off. To give you a preview of what’s on sale, here’s a gift guide broken down by the type of recipients who might be on your ‘nice’ list.

For the Fashionista

From impeccably stylish finds to tips for appearing effortlessly beautiful, the fashion lover on your list will find everything she needs to feel confident from head to toe in magazines like Marie Claire, Redbook and Cosmopolitan.

For the Entertainment Junkie

Whether it’s on the big screen in the theater or the flat screen at home, the movie and TV lover needs to know what’s hot, what’s not, what’s next and when to set the DVR, and Entertainment Weekly or TV Guide will make ideal gifts.

For the News Buff

Know an avid consumer of the latest headlines? There’s plenty of magazines to suit his or her taste. Time magazine is an economic and political catch-all. Popular Science is perfect for the science and technology lover. And ESPN The Magazine covers the latest in sports.

For the (Healthy) Chef

Tis the season to be indulgent, but some culinary enthusiasts prefer to keep it light year round. Both Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times can help ensure that anything from an entrée to a dessert maintains its great taste—even while making it healthier.

For the Outdoorsman (or Woman)

This group loves the great outdoors, and there’s a magazine for just about any category. Field & Stream is a must for the hunter and fisher. No car aficionado should be without Motor Trend or Car and Driver. And the really creative types will appreciate Outdoor Photographer.


Christmas in July $1 Sale: Turn a Dollar into a Magazine for Everyone on Your List

Get more bang for your buck with our $1 Sale, where more than 50 magazines are just $1 or less per issue. Stock up on your favorite titles for you—or everyone on your list.

There’s not much a dollar can buy these days—save for the specially-priced items at any fast-food establishment or discount stores with the price advertised in the name. It’s even more difficult to something for a dollar that lasts longer than just a short period of time.

But that’s not the case with the Christmas in July $1 Sale! For a limited time, more than 50 magazines are on sale for just $1 or less per issue. And there’s something for everyone on your holiday shopping list—or just for you.

Any of these subscriptions could make great stocking stuffers your recipient can look forward to every month. Or pair them with complementary gadgets or items to make great gifts—for Christmas or any other occasion.

Here’s a preview of the titles on sale and the type of person they’d appeal to.

For Fashion Lovers: Get your glam on with haute titles like InStyle, Marie Claire and Nylon covering the latest trends from head to toe.

For Parents: Turn to titles like Parents, Parenting Early Years or Parenting School Years for kid-friendly activities and advice for any age.

For Thrillseekers: Feed your need for freedom on the open road or on the water through magazines like Motor Trend, Motorcyclist or Sail.

For Entertainment Junkies: Get the news on every reality TV show to the latest summer blockbuster with TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly.

For News Buffs: Can’t get enough of the day’s latest headlines? Titles like Time and Newsweek delve deeper into politics, global issues and more.

For Businessmen (or Women): Stay on top of the business world outside of the boardroom with Fortune, Forbes or Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

For Outdoorsmen (or Women): Be prepared for the big game in the field or the big catch on the water with titles like Field & Stream or Outdoor Life.

For Sports Nuts: Go in-depth on your favorite sports, news and rumors with subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine or Sports Weekly.

For Techies: Geek out with the latest gadgets with titles like Popular Science, Laptop Magazine or Connected World.

For Artists and Dreamers: Learn to express yourself creatively with magazines like Outdoor Photographer, Making Music or Poets & Writers.