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Fall TV Premiere Schedule: “The Walking Dead” and More Return in 2016

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This fall’s TV premieres promise to have us on the edge of our seats! You’ve been waiting patiently for the resolution to the Season 6 finale cliffhanger of “The Walking Dead,” and you can’t wait to see your favorite celebrities strut their stuff on “Dancing with the Stars.” Well, your wait is almost over! Here are highlights of what’s to come.

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Moll Anderson Talks ‘Real Housewives’ Style and Fall TV on Next Show

Gretchen's single "Unbreakable" is available on iTunes now.

As we get closer and closer to fall, I can’t wait to see my favorite TV shows come back and also check out some of the new ones debuting. On the upcoming Moll Anderson Show, I’ll have Gretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of Orange County on the hotline.

Sexy style is an art and women are flocking to her accessories from makeup to handbags! She’s got an amazing and inspiring story to share, and I’m excited about how real she has become on the show by sharing the changes she has made in her life.

Her Gretchen Christine Collection is fabulous and you’ll want to hear all about her line. She’s also got a new song, “Unbreakable,” out now which you can listen to over at MollAnderson.com.

Rossi is all over the Hollywood scene! My go-to gossip girl, Tara Hitchcock, also joins me on the air dishing all the latest in star buzz. We’ll discuss which shows are getting some attention, which celebs to keep our eyes on and even reveal what I’m looking forward to on fall TV!

US Weekly's annual Hot Bodies issue is out on newsstands, and just who found themselves the recipient of such title but three of our Housewives friends!

Although I do indulge in a little reality TV every once in a while, sometimes the channel just needs to be changed! The catty behavior and unkind words spoken can just be too much for me to handle. I believe it’s a necessity in this world to treat everyone with the same respect that we expect to receive ourselves.

In this day and age, it’s an essential quality in the women of the world to support one another. As women, we can easily understand the everyday woes that we each endure; mothers, sisters, wives, working women, girlfriends—we do it all! The last thing our lives need is unnecessary conflict; I say let’s stand together and nurture a supportive nature.

During one of the Real Housewives shows, Gretchen makes amends with Tamera and I am so impressed with the act of forgiveness. It just goes to show that we should never sweat the small stuff! Life is way too short to let trivial problems get in the way of our otherwise great lives. My advice to anyone is to just let go, if not for anyone else at least for the sake of your own happiness.

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Coming to Our City and TV: “Nashville”

Music reigns supreme in Nashville's downtown.

The city started buzzing this past March. Whispers here and whispers there of a new TV show that was going to be filmed in Nashville about an older country star whose career was starting to fall while she watched another young singer rise to the top. An idea that’s not that far off in Music City.

Or as The Hollywood Reporter put it, a “family soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene revolving around one star at her peak and another on the rise.”

Then a pilot was filmed in Nashville with the star role of Rayna being played by Connie Britton of “Friday Night Lights” and “American Horror Story.” As for the up-and-comer, that role will be filled by Hayden Panettiere who you may remember from “Heroes.”

Apparently, ABC liked what it saw and the show has been picked up for its first season this fall, slated for Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Central. The show promises to provide a behind-the-scenes peek into the country music industry, which for Nashvillians is right in our own backyard.

I for one am excited to see how “Nashville” portrays the city that we are all so proud to call home, and I know local talent is happy to have the opportunity to work on a major network show right here.

Capitalizing on the success of music-centric shows like “Glee” and “Smash,” the soundtrack of “Nashville” will of course come from the country tunes for which the city is well known. But unlike those shows, according to some, “Nashville” incorporates the music more naturally.

From what I have seen in the promo video thus far, I know I will be addicted and tuning in each week. “Nashville” looks to fill my void for a family drama with lots of twists and turns all against the backdrop of great shots of the Music City.

Are you planning to tune in?

Revenge ABC TV series publicity photo

My New Fall TV Favorites: “Revenge,” “Up All Night” and “The New Girl”

Revenge ABC TV series publicity photo

Emily VanCamp stars in "Revenge," ABC's new fall drama about a daughter avenging her very publicly wronged father. (Photo credit: ABC)

Fall TV is upon us, which means both my DVR and my heart are full. There are a ton of new TV series out there that have received a lot of hype through outlets like Entertainment Weekly‘s fall TV preview last month, but the following three shows are the ones that are winning a place in my weekly lineup alongside mainstays like “Parenthood,” “30 Rock,” and “Project Runway.” So much good TV and so very little time.

“Revenge”: I’ve never thought of myself as a girl with a grudge, but this fall my DVR would prove otherwise. Just one episode in and I was hooked on ABC’s “Revenge.” I could say it’s won my heart with its great writing and re-imagining of the nighttime soap drama, but folks, that would be a big, fat lie.

Instead, I’ll call it like it is and tell you I heart nearly everything about “Revenge.” Lovely and graceful star Emily VanCamp? Love her. Madeleine Stowe as a cold Hamptonite b**ch? Love! The premise of a daughter avenging her very publicly wronged father? Oh, count me in. The boys aren’t too bad to look at either. If you can get past Ashley Madekwe’s (Ashley Davenport) thick–though surprisingly authentic–British accent and Gabriel Mann’s (Nolan Ross) overly smarmy and “knowing” looks, you will fall in love with this show and get in touch with your vengeful side.

“Up All Night”: I’ll be honest. The first few weeks I watched NBC’s “Up All Night,” I felt dirty. Don’t hate me, but I couldn’t help wondering why a show starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph wasn’t better than it was. (I know, I know! Blasphemy!) The subject matter was certainly rife with universal appeal as Arnett and Applegate tried to navigate their life as a married couple post-baby. Any parent can relate and has undoubtedly been there.

However, four episodes into the season, I’d yet to find myself bowled over with laughter and was instead forcing half-hearted chuckles. But that was before episode five, “Mr. Bob’s Toddler Kaleidoscope.” From the moment Applegate’s overachieving character Reagan–er, “Amy’s Mom”–showed up to that baby play group to outshine “Kayla’s Mom,” I knew my insecure Mommy self had found a kindred spirit. And that NBC had found a hit.

“The New Girl”: What’s there to say but that the show’s star, Zooey Deschanel, is indeed an “adorkable” good time. As for the rest of the cast, well, they’re growing on me. What I’d actually love is for the guys with the “douche bag jar” to be even more disgusting against Deschanel’s zany “Jess” and her penchant for narrating her life in song since her break-up with ex-boyfriend “The Wizard.” Yep, it’s just relatable and whacky enough to keep me watching.

How about you? What new fall shows have hooked you, and what are you ready to see get canceled?