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Skewers on the Grill

The 10 Best Magazines for Great Grilling Recipes and Advice

Whether you’re a grill master or an aspiring one, you’ll find all the tools of the trade and plenty of recipes to make while honing your skills in these ten magazines.

Grilling season may unofficially run from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but don’t think you have to have to put away the grill and tongs just yet. Fall is the perfect time to keep it burning!

The weather’s nice and cooler, plus what goes hand in hand with tailgating better than breaking out the grill?

Whether you’re watching the game from your own luxury suite at home or you’re traveling to support your favorite team, you’ll need plenty of good recipes and advice to try something new or hone your skills, if even just a little.

These are the ten best magazines for tips, shortcuts and recipes for any occasion or meal, so don that apron and fire up the grill!

1. Food Network Magazine: Every issue contains pointers from the network’s celebrity chefs, including grill master Bobby Flay.

2. Southern Living: In the South where football is nearly akin to religion, this magazine reveres the tailgate. In fact, check out its recently published Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook too, which is packed with spirited treats prepared on and off the grill.

3. Cooking Light: Enjoy the fruits of the flame even by cutting back on calories, fats and more, all while searing in good—and good-for-you—flavor.

4. Every Day With Rachael Ray: An all-grilling issue is published in the summer, but Rachael’s still got great advice and recipes to share year-round.

5. Food & Wine: If you want to go beyond the grilling basics—chicken, beef and pork—you’ll find tips for preparing other meats, like lamb, here.

6. Cook’s Illustrated: Marinade not sticking? Meat overdone? This in-depth how-to publication explains what’s going wrong—and how to make it right.

7. Everyday Food: Throw the whole meal on the grill, including simple and flavorful sides often found in this magazine.

8. Taste of Home: Don’t forget dessert! Fruits like peaches can be prepared over the open flame to complement a main dish, enjoy as an in-season appetizer or after-dinner treat.

9. Clean Eating: Vegetarians and carnivores alike will find palatable recipes in this healthy publication. Think everything from grilled Portobello burgers to grilled shrimp skewers.

10. Whole Living: Turn here for tips on preparing the healthiest of grilled fare while being mindful of your environmental footprint. For example, opt for charcoal rather than using lighter fluid as it’s easier on the ozone. Same goes for fabric napkins and sturdy plastic flatware—over just tossing the cheaper versions after one use.

Bon Appetit February 2012 cover

Tackle Your Super Bowl Menu with Tips from 4 Magazines

Bon Appetit February 2012

Bon Appetit Feb. 2012

While you may or may not care about the big game this weekend, who doesn’t love a great Super Bowl feast? Here, four magazines give their best take on game day eats.

Not a football fan? No problem. There are plenty of other reasons to tune in to the Super Bowl. It’s a good excuse for great food, a fun party and–don’t forget–all those commercials.

So much anticipation and hoopla exists over those bank-busting ads and the halftime entertainment that the game itself is almost a sideshow, even for football fans. For some, it’s almost better to miss a snap to get refills on snacks than to miss the commercial break.

Speaking of those snacks, four magazines went to great lengths this month to make sure you’re covered on everything from hearty sandwiches, delicious dips, drinks and more. Here’s a quick guide to what’s out there to help get your party started.

Everyday Food: If you want to keep your menu healthy, yet tasty, Martha’s got appetizer ideas like grilled cheese sandwiches with pepper jelly, peel-and-eat shrimp and honey-chipotle turkey meatballs. For some refreshment, try a “half and half,” a half-ale, half-stout beer beverage.

Bon Appétit: Step up the festivities a notch with this gourmet spread that includes broccoli rabe and provolone grinders (perfect for any vegetarian friends, but filling enough for those who aren’t), crispy baked chicken wings, buttermilk-blue cheese dip with crudités and chocolate stout brownies.

Every Day With Rachael Ray: To keep things really low key, but still full of flavor, this collection of 50 party-perfect dips is arranged in the following categories: bean, guacamole, cheese and onion. Rachael even suggests having a potluck dip party or, to really show your spirit, serving foods in your favorite team’s colors. Rather than the expected chips and crackers, shake things up with updated dunkers like hush puppies, pickled veggies, focaccia wedges, asparagus spears, cooked tortellini or bacon strips.

Food Network Magazine: This super-sized list of 50 Super Bowl snacks (in a handy tear-out booklet) is packed with ideas that include plenty of dips but go beyond dunking to cover a variety of sliders, shrimp cocktails, popcorn, hummus and snack mixes. Of all the options for the big day, this most comprehensive guide has enough different flavors to please a variety of tastes.

Everyday Food January/February 2012

Celebrate National Soup Month With Minimal Work

Everyday Food January/February 2012

Cover of Everyday Food Jan/Feb 2012

With winter’s chill sticking around, several January magazines offered their best takes on the healthiest and most satisfying soups–homemade or from the can.

Right about now the weather outside is getting pretty frightful—or at least it’s just downright cold. Good thing, then, that you can warm up and observe National Soup Month in January with one of your go-to favorites or something new. Multiple food and cooking magazines this month are packed with ideas for soups, not to mention stews and chilis if you want something even heartier.

Maybe it’s because we’re in the thick of cold and flu season, but chicken soups got a lot of attention in January issues. Don’t think, however, that  you have to be under the weather to try them. Every Day With Rachael Ray, Cooking Light and Everyday Food each tackled this classic.

Cooking Light and Everyday Food crossed signals somewhat with their coverage on chicken soups enhanced with flavors from around the world, though the closest duplication in both was a recipe for a Mexican chicken soup.

Every Day With Rachael Ray wowed with the most impressive range, including chicken parmigiana, chicken and shrimp paella, Vietnamese chicken pho and andouille gumbo among its 10 variations.

Taste of the South magazine expanded its coverage with the addition of recipes for those all-important sides like parmesan peppercorn flatbread, zucchini-cheddar bread and chive corn sticks.

Making soup for a meal can be relatively quick, but if you just don’t have time for much more than opening a can, Whole Living magazine shares its top five picks for the best—and healthiest—prepackaged soups.

The soups that made the cut include: Pacific Foods organic light sodium creamy tomato; Muir Glen organic reduced sodium chicken noodle; Amy’s Organic lentil; Imagine creamy portobello mushroom and Kettle Cuisine three bean chili.

Before you make a special trip to purchase any one of these, check the manufacturers’ websites to see if a store in your area carries the brands you want to try.