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The 10 Best Magazines for Sprucing Up Your Home

House Beautiful CoverSick of looking at that old paint color or empty corner? These magazines are here to help. They can’t actually do the work for you, but your inspiration will be overflowing.

You have had the same wallpaper since you moved in. That was way too long ago to even remember. You know it’s time for a change but you can’t quite figure out which direction you want to go from paint colors to reorganizing your book shelves.

Changing up your home can be overwhelming at any level from total remodel to picking the right lamp. But stop your worries and get your visual inspiration on with these ten great magazines.

Better Homes & Gardens: Not only will the inside of your house be picture perfect but the outside will be greener as well. This magazine is full of tips from easy entertaining to finding the perfect rug for your budget.

This Old House: Have you been bitten by the remodeling bug? This magazine is full of tips for the handyman at home and tips on where to spend money and where to save.

Real Simple: Sometimes we just want to get our “junk drawer” in order, but it seems to never get done. Real Simple shows you how to get it and keep it manageable along with other fantastic and easy tips for around the home.

House Beautiful: The title doesn’t lie. House Beautiful is full of great photos with some brilliant ideas from some of the best interior designers around the world.

Architectural Digest: Are you a lover of fantastic design? The photos in this magazine will knock your socks off all while giving you a peek into the homes of some celebrities.

Dwell: A publication full of new ideas, dwell always has an awareness for any space size. This is a great magazine for renters as well with ideas that are easily reversible.

Elle Decor: Like it’s fashion cohort, Elle Decor is a beautiful publication to flip through. High fashion lovers unite over finding a perfect couch for them based on the type of blouse it associates with.

Do-it-Yourself: Putting together Ikea furniture comes natural to you? This Better Homes & Gardens quarterly magazine will show you how to put your talents to use while saving money and making your neighbors jealous.

Traditional Home: A tried and true title, this magazine takes classic to a new level with small changes that anyone can implement.

Cottages & Bungalows: Have more of an artistic preference or love historic homes? This magazine will make you want to pack up your things and move to the beach or the mountains to enjoy your inside scenery.

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the BeachYou’re ready to soak up some sun this summer, but don’t hit the sand without these bright magazines safely stowed in your beach bag. 

How long have you been waiting for this summer vacation? You’ve got your spf, your sunglasses, your suit and a giant beach towel. Now all you need are some great summer reads. To help stock your beach bag this summer, we’re listing out the 10 best magazines to take to the beach this year.

For Her:

People: Who doesn’t love a little celebrity gossip while soaking up some rays? Sometimes we all need a little mental break to sit and enjoy our guilty pleasure magazine, and People is it.

Coastal Living: For once you can stare at those beautiful oceanscapes on the page and then look beyond the page to see the real thing in the background. Enjoy the magazine, and when that pang of “Oh I want to be there!” kicks in, just set the magazine down and voila!

Dwell: Totally focused on modern home design both inside and out, Dwell magazine is a great read with beautiful graphic design, and it just seems to speak to that creative side, which you actually have time to nurture while on vacay.

Sunset: Sunset magazine will help you drift peacefully into your tropical paradise. Devoted to everything West Coast, this magazine will add a splash of summer with great tips on everything from green living to food, wine and entertaining.

Health: It’s the best way to catch up on how to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, all things that just make sense when you’re at the beach with a little time to scheme about the future.

For Him:

Wired: You finally have a chance to sit down and enjoy an entertaining read, and Wired is chock-full of enough new gadgets, inventions and trends to keep you entertained for an entire afternoon of sunning.

Fast Company: This is another good read, with stories of entrepreneurs, trends and business ideas both current and future. And don’t worry — though it has “company” in the title, this read will feel nothing like being at work!

The New Yorker: Great reporting and super interesting stories — need we say more?

Surfer: Even if you don’t have plans to hit the board on this trip, there’s just something fun about thumbing through a surfing magazine while at the beach. And hey, if you feel like a poser, you can always hide it between the pages of one of your other magazines and no one has to know.

ESPN The Magazine: Catch up on the latest sports news and let your mind kick back and relax. Golf anyone?

Enjoy these additional suggestions of quick and easy summer reads–all for less than $10.